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Prospect Road is fast becoming known for its boutiques and restaurants.  Driving down this road you see a multicultural mixture of cuisines available to the public, one of which is Devour dessert bar.  I must admit that I have been here a few times already and enjoy the laid back atmosphere that exists within this establishment.  I do have a sweet tooth and like to try different, quirky desserts so this place was definitely for me.  Devour has a number of specials which frequently change which always sound interesting and appealing. 

Bombe Alaska - This was a dish with the wow factor looks visually appealing but was a little too sweet.  Adding a little acidity to the dish would have cut through the sweetness and made it easier to eat.  Overall, still a good dish to try.

For some reason, milkshakes remind me of my childhood so when I visit here, I always go a milkshake!  I looked at the specials board and saw the 'Popcorn Milkshake' which immediately tickled my fancy.  I didn't know what to expect but I was very pleasantly surprised.  It was not salty at all and had the essence of popcorn which I loved......if it was available again, I will be getting it!  If you like popcorn, and you get a chance, give it a go.

The peanut butter pannacotta was also something that I really enjoyed.  Now this dish will definitely polarise.  You will like it if you like peanut butter, but if you don't, I would stay away - I like peanut butter.  For me, the pannacotta was everything a good PC should be - tasty, light, smooth with the right amount of 'wobble'.

The chocolate brownie with peanut butter icecream was also nice (note I had this on a different night).  The brownie was more fondant than brownie - dig into the dish and you get a molten mix of chocolate and peanut - rich and delicious, but for some could be a little too heavy.  The icecream also had a very big hit of peanut butter taste - note to self, next time I am here...try something without peanut butter.

I was with friends that had the lemon meringue and banana cake dishes - they loved them and went back 2 days later for some other delicious treats.

If you are looking for some modern takes on the traditional, then Devour is worth a visit.  The place is small so be willing to wait to get in on some nights.

Mirko rates Devour 3.5/5 Chopping boards

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  1. Let me loose there and "devour" might not be enough to cover what I'm going to do. What can I say? I've got one very mean sweet tooth.


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