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One thing that I think Adelaide lacks is good knowledge of decent banh mi venues. Banh mi, for those who don’t know, are the Vietnamese rolls available at many deli’s and shops that contain ingredients such as roast / bbq pork, chicken, cold meats or a combination. They are made on a Vietnamese roll, with cucumber, coriander, chili, pickled carrots, sometimes radish/onion and a pork pate’ or butter. There are regional/proper names for these ingredients, but I am keeping this simple, and I’m going to use the western names.
Alright, introductory stuff over with, on to what I like in a roll. I usually get the roast pork, so my thoughts focus on just that. I like chili and coriander, whilst a lot don’t like both. I like it when the carrots are pickled, more than one piece of cucumber is included, the pork should be super crunchy and not too fatty ant the roll still fresh and crunchy. Based on my feelings, usually pretty strong when we discuss bahn mi, I am going to try and give Adelaide some knowledge of the best roll’s that I have had, and maybe increase Adelaide’s knowledge of the rolls that are available in suburban and CBD locations, and not just from Soonta . . . . More on that in another blog!
As I have said before, I drive around a lot, so another item on my daily drive is the location of somewhere that I haven’t tried a roll from, or knowing where the best one is. Today’s roll is one that I tried a few years back, and always return too when I am nearby.
Hang Bakery is in Torrensville, 159 Henley Beach Rd. It’s in the Foodland shopping centre, so it’s hard to see the first time.

The counter of crunchy-ness
When you get there, you see why the place has potential. There is a decent selection of hot pastries & cakes, but a clear indication on the walls that Banh Mi is sold here, with some photo’s of the selections. You can also clearly see the prices, $4 for a roast pork roll is a pretty good price, most places are 50c more, so we are already ahead. Which also makes the roll a lunch time bargain, if you want to buy lunch for $4, you’re surviving on one sushi roll . . . and that ain’t enough food for me!
The roll here is one of my top 5 for Adelaide. Always fresh rolls (you’d expect that at a bakery), and always really crunchy roast pork, that has minimal fat remaining. Every bite contains a smashing, crunchy burst of sound and flavor, which encourages you to eat it quicker, leading to the inevitable ‘tired jaw’. I am not sure if anyone else gets this though . . . silence . . . awkward . . . anyway, back to the roll.

The roll of crunchy-ness
As you can see in the shot, there is a LOT of coriander; clearly they aren't tight with the ingredients, which is always a positive, and I love coriander. Cucumber is fresh, there’s a heap of meat, and just enough chili, but I could have a little more. Only draw backs are the carrots don’t have that softer, sour, pickled taste, and the spread, pate or a form of butter, isn't as strong in flavor as the others I like. These are two very picky negatives, and I wouldn't let that hold you back from trying this bakery. The price is great, ingredients fresh and the hero is that pork, sooooo crunchy . . .

Nathan is giving this banh mi 8 / 10 chops on the chopping board, as it’s a choppingly good roll!

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