Hoang Gia Quan - The best Pho and Combo Rice?

Every Saturday, I meet my parents for lunch somewhere.  If its not Imperial Peking, it is a drive down to Arndale area for a nice Pho.  For those of you who have no idea what Pho is, it is this:

I've been searching far and wide to find the best Pho in Adelaide ever since I was first introduced to this dish back in 1996 when I went to Melbourne.  I had a Pho there, and fell in love.....

Fast forward to now and many many many Phos later, I believe I have found the best in Adelaide - Hoang Gia Quan.  After consulting with many of my Vietnamese and Cambodian friends, they 'tend' to agree this place is good, but each have their own allegiance to different places.  However, all of them agree that this place has the best Combo rice.

  Extra large Combination Pho. 

The key to a perfect Pho, is the soup.  Everyone has their preferences, but I don't like my soup to be too sweet.  I have tried waaaay too many places that have a very sweet soup, or too many onions, or not hot enough.  Hard to explain, but this place, serves it 'just right'. The soup is not boiling hot, just enough to cook the raw beef, and can slurp the noodles almost instantly I put the side veggies in without burning my tongue.  One other important factor is the size. Many places advertise X-Large, but when the dish comes out, its not enough to fill the gaps between my teeth.  This place is a good size.

There are different types of Pho, Beef only, combination (comes with tripe, beef balls, cartilage, etc) and beef balls or chicken!

In addition, lime is the key and hot Chillis.. very hot chilli too is what makes this place awesomesauce!

Combination noodle soup

For those who are not game enough to eat Pho, they do have some soft-core food selections.  The above dish is a combination of things, pork, char-sui, squid, prawns, in a very garlicky soup with spring onions and chives.  Noodles are of the dry variety, however you can order fresh noodles instead. 

This restaurant is very accommodating, you can choose many different things and add and remove things as you please. 

Combination broken Rice

Just looking at this dish makes me drool..... as stated above, many of my friends have stated this restaurant serves the best broken rice.  Their Pork Chops are insanely awesome, their bbq pork skin is crispy and ratio of fat:meat is just perfect every time we have it.  This is a 'MUST ORDER' dish, no doubts about it. 

Lots of parking available because it is right next to the Arndale shopping centre

Hoang Gia Quan
16 Hanson Road
Woodville Gardens SA 5012

Hoang Gia on Urbanspoon

Right around the corner from this place is a Vietnamese Bread Roll place.  No, nothing like the crappy Soonta Rolls you get in the city, and not as overpriced as some places.... this place charges $3 a roll. 


This is just an intro to rolls, I'm sure we'll be getting more and more of these reviews up soon, so stay tuned. 

Vietnamese Bread Roll - Combination meats

For 3 bucks, you really cant complain.  

Tay Do on Urbanspoon

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  1. I agree, best place for Pho and Rice!

  2. I and my partner are addicted to Hoang Gia Quan, we go at least once a week, twice if we are in the mind to eat out. The Vegetarian Pancake entree is also to die for, as are the Vegetarian Cold Rolls. The drinks selection is EXCELLENT with a great range of different flavours from other asian restaurants, there are some of the generic drinks you will find anywhere also, but it's the drinks you won't find easily elsewhere that I like more. The Avocado shake, and the Coconut thickshake are incredibly satisfying and if you're on a health buzz then the Pennywort Shake is my choice, grassy flavour but just enough sweetness to taste moreish. I have my own main that I have customised, and the owner remembers my dish every time I am there, it's the Roast Chicken with Egg Noodle, additional mushrooms and side cup of soup. The Combination Seafood with Egg Noodle is also incredibly yum. I can't fault this restaurant on any point really, except that the toilets could do witha makeover, but who cares about the toilet when you are there for the food.. Hoang is Adelaide's best kept vietnamese secret. Very cheap prices too.

    1. I'm glad someone agrees that HGQ is a hidden gem in Adelaide. Thanks for dropping by.

      Also, do they have a toilet? I've never noticed, I'm there only for the food!


    2. I myself am a fan of minh's pho. I do like the broth and the choices more there

  3. How does this compare to Adelaide Pho? I'm keen to hear. My family has always been following the owner of Adelaide Pho every time they move shops/change names, so it's like magnificent glory to me, perhaps I'm just used to the taste because I've been brought up on it?

    1. Hi - thanks for your comment.

      HGQ's large bowl is bigger and stronger taste. More noodles and meat, etc. So overall quantity and quality is better than Adelaide Pho.

      but Adelaide Pho is convenient because it's located in the city.

  4. I love Hoang Gia but not for their pho! It is alright there but there are plenty of other places that I feel do it better. Hoang's bun bo hue is great as is their combo broken rice, but for me the pho is missing something... I can't fault their drinks selection though, anywhere that has a durian shake is fine by me! And don't even get me started on those banh xeo type pancakes! *drools*


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