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Ok - this joint has been my family weekly lunch gathering for as long as I can remember.  It is situated on Payneham Road.  It is one of the more famous Pekingese food places in Adelaide.  We like this place because it is very open so the kids can run around and make some noise without bothering too many people. 

Parking is ample and off street parking is also available. 

There are many dishes here on the menu, but our family have identified the dishes we prefer, so today's post will seem a bit weird as it combines different dishes you wouldn't normally eat in one sitting (we have combined lunch dishes with dinner, etc).  Keep in mind, the naming of the dishes below may not be correct as we normally order in Cantonese.....

Left - pork leg with fresh chilli and soy and vinegar sauce,  Right - duck feet with peanut sauce

OK - entree dishes are the usual 2 from above.  The pork is very nice and soft, and lots of fat around the edges.  The sauce is to KILL FOR and we usually leave it on the side to dip other things into it or pour it over some soup noodles (coming later).  Chilli is abundant but not too hot.  a definite must for an entree. 
The duck feet may not be everyone's choice, but for my parents, and some of the kids, they like it.  Nothing much to comment, but a peanutty taste.  They usually have celery in this dish too to add some crunchiness, however today's dish, they seem to have left it out.

Shallot cakes

Another entree - the normal Shallot cakes.  Not my personal thing, however the kids like it.  Deep fried goodness and salty Shallot butter filling on the inside. 

"Ja Jeung Mien"

This noodle dish is one of my favourite.  It is very easy on the taste buds.  It is Pork mince in bean paste, with fresh sliced cucumber, served on top of handmade noodles.  Basically you mix everything up and serve.  My daughter loves this dish because it is just easy to eat because the tastes are just well mixed with fresh crunchy cucumber. 

Left - Fried dumplings, right - steamed dumplings.

These 2 are a must when you go there, traditional pekingese food.  Serve them with the vinegar sauce for some pork goodness.  The fried dumplings have a little bit of vegetable in there (guessing it may be cabbage).  The steamed dumplings do not have any veggies.

Vegetarian roll

This is usually a dinner dish, to be eaten with Rice, etc.  Inside contains bean spouts, mushrooms and other types of fungi.  outside is an egg/omellete type wrapping which is quickly deep fried to make a crunchy texture.  It comes with a dipping sauce (which I have no idea what it is because I've never tried it). You can give this a miss, as it is nothing special.  If you are a vegetarian, this is a lovely dish.... so it rabbit food....

Peking duck

Ok, you hear Pekingese food and usually you think about Peking duck.... everyone's favourite dish.  Not only because because it is awesomely fatty crunchy goodness, but because an entire duck is sliced up in front of you..... wait, did I just mention 'sliced up in front of you'?  that's what you expect right? but NO, today, it was already served on this plate and then placed in front of us to our disappointment......  Maybe the Iron Chef who normally cuts the duck was away sick, but come on - this is what the kids come to see....  yes, the taste is the same (place the skin in a wrapper and put the cucumber and spring onion along with the hoi-sin sauce, but its just not the same without waiting for it to be served in front of you.... maybe because we came at lunch time? 

This dish is a must to order (normally consumed during dinner). 

 left - chicken noodles in milky soup, right - duck meat noodles.

The next 2 dishes are the usual dishes we would normally order for the kids.  They all love the chicken noodles. It tastes like Noodles in Campbell's tin soup.. but with added Asian goodness of MSG.  nothing fancy, but its easy to eat.  If you want to add something special to it, add the sauce from the original Pork leg dish with the chilli..... it changes the dish completely to an orgasmic experience. 
The duck dish is basically the duck meat from the Peking duck fried with the same handmade noodles found in all the other noodle dishes.  Once again, to add some flavour to it, pour some of the chilli sauce from the original pork entree dish.

Mapo Tofu - Grandmas beancurd.....

This is not really a Pekingese dish, but it goes well with some rice.  I'm sure you've all had this dish before and this place isn't one of the best.  It is a bit too 'garlicky' for my liking.  If you are still hungry after all the above dishes, this is what we usually order.

Smoked Duck

Last but not least, is this massive dish.  Smoked Duck served with handmade? rice bread (man-tou).  As you can see, the duck is very well smoked, very pinky and the flavour is 'to die for'... The meat is very tender and and juicy.  One of my favourite dishes to have.  There are a few other places in Adelaide that serve a nice Smoked Duck, and I'll be sure to review them for you all. 

my Mum's B'day Cake

Not really served by the restaurant, but we brought it along to celebrate.  Happy Birthday Mum. 

Imperial Peking has been our family restaurant for many years, close to where we all live, lots of space, and good food. 

Imperial Peking
103 Payneham Rd Map.2293d93
St Peters, SA 5069

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