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Another weekend, another lunch with my family.  This weekend was a little bit special, it was my sister's birthday.  My Yen is located just outside of the city on Belair Road.  This restaurant is one of my dad's friend's places, so we frequent this place often.

Word of warning - what you see below is not your usual Chinese food... no sweet and sour pork, no spring rolls and szechuan pork/beef/lamb etc etc etc....  this is real Chinese food...

This place isn't the most fantastic looking place, its mostly for takeaways for the locals, however we go to this place because of the food... and many other Chinese know it too.

First off, soup.... Shark's Fin soup

 as you can see, very generous with their Shark's Fin... plenty in each bowl.  We had 10 people and each serve would be similar to the above.  Nothing much to explain here, they all pretty much taste the same, just depends on how much fin you get.

Next up, Crab with spring onion, ginger and an Egg Noodle base.

Always a favourite dish of mine... I love seafood, and crab ranks pretty high in my books.  The flavours are just magnificent with this dish, and the amazing sauce from the crab is soaked up by the noodles.  The head of the crab is always the best, as it contains all the shown in the above pic, there was plenty of it..  The 'snow white' meat was very nice, stuck on the shell and melted in my mouth.

One thing to note, eating Chinese food is very difficult to take pictures... everything comes out at the same time, and everyone is hungry... its hard to drop what you're eating (in my case, a giant crab claw) wipe my dirty hands and pick up my camera, and stop other people from digging into the next dish!  I managed to take a pic before everyone's chopsticks rampaged this dish....  I think this was a Murray Cod,  steamed with coriander ginger and spring onion in a sweet soy, topped with hot oil.  Chinese people eat a lot of steamed fish, and this dish is just awesome with a fresh live fish.. meat is springy and chewy.... perfect!

Next up, steamed Eel with black bean, coriander and spring onions and dried fruit skin (no idea what it is in English!).  Eating tips - when eating cut up eel like this, search for the 'U' shaped ones, they have less bones and are much easier to eat.  I doubt any of you out there would have eaten this dish before... I highly recommend it if you love fish/seafood.  Beautiful texture from the fresh eel, combined with the black bean sauce and slightly tangy fruity taste from that dried fruit peel.

Very standard dish..... this dish is for the kids who were on the table who don't normally eat as much seafood as the adults. Chinese Roast Chicken... meat is soft, juicy and skin is crispy and full of flavour.  There is a dipping sauce, however, no body really uses it.

Another 'safe' dish to finish off the day.... Singaporean Noodles.  nothing much to say about this dish... very well done, the noodles are just the right texture and ingredients are very generously added into the dish.  Large prawns, lots of egg and flavour is not too spicy, just right.

We were just about to cut the cake, when my dad walks out from the kitchen holding a freshly roasted duck...... asking "anyone still hungry?"  I'm sorry, but I just jumped onto the duck and completely didn't have time to take any picture of a freshly roasted duck.... let me tell you, there's NOTHING like eating a freshly roasted duck straight from the oven.  I'm not talking about the ducks you see hanging on windows in China Town, or the dish you get at a restaurant... those are all re-heated and re-fried before you get them and possibly sitting there for 1/2 a day if not more...  It would be very rare to get a fresh duck, unless you have restaurant friends like my dad. 

Nom nom nom nom...

Hayes gives My Yen 8/10 chops on the chopping board

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My Yen
74 Belair Rd Map.41286b1
Hawthorn, SA 5062


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