Pizza e Mozzarella Bar - can smell it on the street!

My daily lunch walk includes a stroll down Pirie street.  For anyone else who does this, you'd also know how many great smells you might catch while walking down near the King William end of Pirie Street.  One day, a few months ago, we caught a whiff of a wood oven pizza... we followed our noses and found a new establishment at 33b Pirie Street named Pizza e Mozzarella Bar.

Day after day, we would walk past, hoping the wind was going to be in our favour and blow the magnificent scents of freshly roasted capsicums, mozzarella and prosciutto to our noses.  Fast forward a few months and last Friday, we finally got a chance to visit this establishment for our team building activity (Free lunch, who can complain!)

Wood oven..... nothing beats a wood oven pizza

The setting inside this place gave a very 'rustic' feel, 1950's style tables at the front, plates had gold lining on the edges, and an open kitchen showing off their great wood oven.  The smell, did I tell you about the smell? As soon as the door opens, it was heaven....... smells of fresh ingredients and smoke wafting out from the open wood oven adds a very welcoming feel to this establishment.

the waiting staff were all very friendly and seated 6 of us to one of those classic tables.  Menu was easy to read and we all scanned the pizza section... 6 of us, 8 pizzas... hrm, which 2 do we 'not' choose.

We decided not to order the Margherita and La Pizza.

 Quattro Stagioni


Pizzas came out pretty quickly after we ordered (wine was also ordered and plenty of it).  The pizzas are 12", therefore could be easily finished off by one person.

First thing - very generous with the toppings.... however, very inconsistent with the spreading of the sauce on the crust... some had over an inch (pretty much 1/3 of the pizza was 'blank' crust) while others were nearly touching the edge. No, there isn't a rulebook that states how much sauce on crust ratio, etc... however 1/3 of the crust is not a good sign...

Tutto Mare - VERY generous toppings on this seafood pizza

Ok - on to the taste.... OMG... the crust.... OMG.... did i just complain there was too much 'blank' crust? well, I did, but, the crust was sooooo thin and soooo nice, it was heaven... accompanied with the generous toppings, and sweet yet slightly tangy sauce, this is pizza to die for.

Prosciutto - lots of it

There was no time to take pictures, the pizzas quickly filled up our table, and everyone just jumped on to them like seagulls on a chip. 

Maiale - combination of pork, salami, my favourite.

Out of the 6 pizzas, my favourite was the Maiale, a little spicy pizza with pork and salami.  Very close second was the Tutto Mare because of the generous toppings for the most expensive pizza ($27).

Everyone seems to say, a perfect crust makes the perfect pizza, and it appears Pizza e Mozzarella Bar has this in the bag..... lightly salted, crispy thin crust.  Sauce was also evenly spread on top making it not to soggy, not too dry... just great!

 Capricciosa - artichoke, ham, anchovy, olives and cheese

I'm definitely going to come back to this place, hopefully get to order other items on the menu.  Friendly staff, perfect food, great aromas, what more can you ask for?

Hayes gives Pizza e Mozzarella Bar 8/10 on the chopping board. 

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33b Pirie St Map.41286b1
Adelaide, SA 5000


  1. Sounds delish! I've been been to give this spot a try looks like it's gonna get bumped up on the list! :)

  2. Definitely try it out! btw - love your blog :)


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