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This is my first post to the blog, so I thought I would choose an epic meal to start it off. Press Food & Wine is a restaurant on Waymouth St that is has been open for about a year now. Too many times, I have walked up Waymouth St, smelling the sweet smell of meat cooking over charcoals, and thinking..... we got to go eat that pig. Finally, I got the chance to have half a suckling pig served to me at a table, with the head strategically positioned right next to my right hand. The meal is epic, there is a lot, a lot, of meat. They bring it out to a separate table near by, and for a brief second you can imagine the little pig running around in a paddock, waiting to achieve its life goal, to be slow cooked over coals for my enjoyment. Then two guys come along with some big knives and slice it up for you.

run free little pig

For a minute, I am reminded of Peking Duck at House of Chow, but I am quickly brought back to a pile of roast pork and a lot of crispy skin. My fellow eaters could see the excitement on my face when asked, who gets the head? And I was blessed with responsibility, and the privilege of eating the best skin and meat from the cheek. And boy was it amazing. Past amazing. Sensational. In discussions with a fellow eater, who I gratefully shared the head with, we agreed that the skin in this area was reminiscent of puff pastry, with layers of crunch. Amazingawesomeness. Yes, that's a word now, it's in print. Here is a progress shot of how it looks after 30 mins of eating.

just smashing it
 You'll see some other items on the table, a celeriac puree and some greens. They also serve the meal with some super crispy baked potatoes and a radicchio salad. However, I was not distracted by these side items, as I only had eyes for the pig. However, some other members of the table enjoyed them. I let them. The was also some nice jus which helped later on when the pig started to cool down.

So, there is actually more to this epic feast than just the pig, we also made sure we tried other items on the menu. We had some cured salmon, house made parfait, and beef tartar for starters, as if we weren't going to have enough food. Some felt regret for eating these, I however, did not. I made sure I ate all the tartar I could, just in case there happens to be a meat drought in the next 5 hours. Anyway, the starters were pretty good, not massive serves,  but tasty. Once we finished the star of the day, we relaxed over another bottle of the Dandelion Vineyards Lion's Tooth of McLaren Vale Shiraz Riesling. The riesling added some floral notes to the Shiraz, but other than that, a pretty straight shooting shiraz. It was a good match for the pig, who needed to be the star of the show. Then we decided we needed coffee, which meant we needed dessert too. We had the house made gelati/sorbet mix, and this was smashing. Flavors included Peanut Butter, Fresh Raspberry and Chocolate.

Sweet sugary goodness

As the afternoon progressed, the group came to the decision that more food was required, and, given our proximity to the cheese table, this had to involve cheese and more wine. We were guided through the cheeses available, and with much debate, decided to try them all. The waiter pointed us towards matching Austrian dessert wine, of which I have little recollection of the name, as I was in a mild food coma by this stage. However, it was slightly acidic, which balanced well with the cheeses we were so gleefully consuming. Here is the cheese in all its glory.

mmmm cheesy
And so ended our feast @ Press. We all walked away gingerly, very full, and very content. Overall, a food experience that one must do once  . . . at least. Press as a restaurant is pretty cool, comfy chairs, easy going and knowledgeable staff, and not too expensive for the quality of food you get.

Nathan scores this dish . . . . 4.5 / 5 Chopping boards.

40 Waymouth Street

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