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Being slightly north of the city, it can be quite hard to find something that's near by, not a drive to The Parade or Melbourne St, but somewhere I can get a coffee and breakfast from, then brave the masses and brave a trip to the supermarket. So I can buy some milk, to put in my coffee when I make it at home. The Coffee Barun, just south of Northpark shopping centre, meets these requirements, and is unique to our area.

The store actually started in a much smaller form many a year ago, and has grown to being popular enough that you need to book most weekends to make sure you get your fill. It is clear that the cornerstone of the Barun is as a coffee roaster and re-seller. You'll find Barun beans in popular coffee houses such as Stax. And you can get your share to take home too, in neat little resealable bags. But enough about coffee, I do not claim to be an expert, but am versed enough in the difference between good and bad. Drinking 3+ a day will teach you that. Where was I? Ah yes, this is a food review blog. Right. On to the food.

Your best bet for a super feed at the Barun is breakfast. Smashingly good, organic, local and all that free range kinda breakfast. I have had a lot of coffee, cake and plenty of breakfasts from the Barun, so I have chosen to highlight my favourite three, and, yes, this is in order of favouritism, none of this no particular order, don't want to hurt some wanna be pop star's feelings .....

My favourite is the Bacon and Egg roll. Plenty of bacon, egg and cheese. Add BBQ sauce if you want, but for me, runny egg is enough every time.

Run you little egg, run!

My second favourite is the omelette. This is especially good if you are hungry, if you have been for a run, or are just plain hungry. It's definitely man size, plenty of cheese and more egg's than a chicken coop.

Fills an empty belly

My third favourite is The Barun Breakfast, mainly for its variety. Mushrooms, Eggs., Bacon, Tomato, Potato, Sausage and Toast. Notice my use of capitalisation for each member of the plate. Poor english but they are all important. Only attempt this if you are again, very hungry. Just to gauge the size, that's not a standard cup of coffee, that's your large, soup cup size coffee, enough to feed a small nation.

More food anyone?
Now you know what my favourites are, I can tell you why. If you want to know that is, if you don't, then maybe return to your LOL Cats meme's cos your in the wrong place. The Barun have always delivered a great breakfast, always hot, always fresh ingredients and never a solid egg if it wasn't asked for. I love the Bacon and Egg roll the most for two reasons, the runny egg and the soft bun. The style of bun is important for a bacon and egg roll for me, I don't like them on super crunchy, rip your mouth open toast. The softer the better, and the Barun uses a roll you could rest your head on at night. Then snack on if you were peckish. I digress. . . It's also only $7.50, so for a tenner or so, you can get breakfast and coffee. Amazeballs. 

Head on down to the Barun for a super good suburban breakfast, a great atmosphere, and the best coffee north of the city. 

Nathan scores The Coffee Barun ...... 4/5 chopping boards.

217-219 Main North Rd (cnr Third Ave)
Sefton Park SA 5083

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