Lucky Lupitas - Latin American in the Suburbs

It was a cold Thursday night in Adelaide, and on a night like this, what else is there to do but to be indoors eating a nice meal! There was a lot of hype about Lucky Lupitas, so I immediately wanted to try it!   So my friend and myself set out to Bedford Park to visit this little gem. 

Friends had told me that there would be a long wait to get a table, so I finished work and arrived just before 6pm and put our names down on the list, already the tables were packed with hungry diners. Be prepared to get there early (doors open at 5:30 for dinner).  Although the queue wasn’t too long (maybe because it was a cold night), we still waited for about 30 mins before we sat down at our table. Thankfully, we were able to wait inside - heaters and a bench are outside if you were unlucky.

D├ęcor is rustic modern, think old wooden tables and chairs teamed with exposed industrial pipes running along the ceiling. Ambience is cozy and with the addition of some Latin beats playing in the background, heck, I forgot I was in Bedford Park!  The setting is great for casual dinners with friends or family.  

The menu noted that the 3 chefs were from Mexico City, which already suggests that the food will be authentic!...exciting!

First on the menu, the ‘Elotes - grilled corn on the cob with chipotle mayonesa, cheese & lime ($4.50)’.

The corn was sweet and juicy and had a well-balanced amount of mayo and cheese.  The flavour combination was fantastic (sweet, juicy corn kernels with tang and saltiness from the dressing and cheese).  We both wanted more, and this was a delicious start to the meal. 

2nd course, ‘Taco de verduras - black bean mash with smoked zucchini salsa, pickled red onion & crema ($4.50)’.

Myself and my friend both agreed that this was probably our least favourite dish of the night, it was over smoked so that you couldn’t taste the zucchini flavour coming through. This would have made for a nice vegetarian dish if the taco was not over smoked. 

Next dish was the ‘Duck Taco - braised duck with radish, guacamole, salsa Mexicana & cabbage ($5.50)’.

The flavours of this taco were a perfect combination. The duck was cooked perfectly and was juicy and tender.  The duck combined really well with the other ingredients and made for a great entree.  A pet hate of ours when eating tacos is having a soggy tortillas (soft doesn’t mean soggy!), but this soft taco stayed in tact – nice!  

Last but not least, the famous ‘Lucky Ribs - Wood smoked & slow cooked beef short ribs with Chimichurri ($23.90)’. You can also select BBQ and Salsa chile de ancho-honey sauce if you didn't want Chimichurri.  We decided to go with the Chimichurri, which is the original.

I had heard a lot about this dish, all of my friends that had previously been told me to get the ribs and could not stop talking about them – so they had a lot to live up to!  And the verdict….it lived up to the expectations.  Ribs are supposed to be ‘fall off the bone’ tender and you could tell straight away that these had been slow cooking for hours. The meat was literally falling off the bone and the meat was so juicy and tender *drools*. 

The flavours of the ribs combined well with the rice and the pickled vegetables on the side added another textural element.

Overall, a great dining experience was had by all.  Like I have said in previous ‘Mexican’ related blogs, Mexican food is not supposed to be a fine dining experience. The atmosphere at Lucky Lupitas was casual and fun.  Good honest tasting Latin American food, friendly staff, quick table service and nice ambience all made for a fantastic dining experience. 
Adelaide, if you’re wondering what to do, get in your car and drive towards Bedford Park, it’s well worth the wait! Mirko and CoffeeGirl (guest blogger) give Lucky Lupitas 8.5 out of 10 chops on the chopping board.

Special thanks to CoffeeGirl for helping with this blog!
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  1. I'm a regular here as it is local to us. Started dining here in 2012 also and love the ribs! Ate here tonight and was a bit disappointed at the increase in price and decrease in portion size! -$36 for the equivalent of 1 1/2 ribs! (they cut the rack in half/thirds horizontally now rather than serving individual ribs) Came back to this article as a reference point as I knew I had seen it before & remembered it listing the price. Still super delicious but feeling a bit ripped off!


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