Ramen Showdown - Is it safe to slurp in Adelaide?

I love noodles... unfortunately there's not many great places in Adelaide to have good Japanese noodles (Soba, Ramen or Udon). 

Ramen (pronounced 'lahmen', not 'raymen') has been appearing on menus and even Ramen stores have started popping up around the city, suburbs and food courts.  

So I made it my goal to find the best Ramen in Adelaide by reviewing 2 typical types - The Miso Ramen, and the Shoyu (soy sauce) Ramen at a few popular places. 

Genki Roll's Shoyu Ramen and Miso Ramen are definitely great value for money.  Positioned inside David Jone's food court, each is priced at $9.90 and comes beautifully presented, served in a large bowl with a generous serving of noodles, in hot soup and other toppings.    

 Genki Roll's Shoyu Ramen & Miso Ramen

I've had this dish a few times now, and each time, the noodles have been perfect - springy and bouncy.  However today's was a bit overcooked.  It wasn't 'soggy' soft, but I prefer a bit of texture in my Ramen.  I'm sure it was just a slip up today.  Each dish comes with only 2 slices of Char Siu (fatty bbq pork).  I would like to see a bit more, maybe 3-5 slices.  But for the price, you can't really argue.   

Just a side dish I thought I'd get to accompany my Ramen - Salmon pack.

I prefer the Shoyu Ramen here at Genki Roll; The Miso Ramen seems a bit 'fake' to me, with an overpowering pepper after taste.

Genki Roll on Urbanspoon  

Ramen Tei is situated in the Central Market's foodcourt.  It has many different types of Ramen, other Japanese delicacies like Takoyaki (Octopus in flour based balls), Karage (deep fried Chicken) and Onigiri (Rice Balls).

 Ramen Tei's Tokyo Ramen $8.30 - basically a Shoyu ramen, egg and 2 slices of Char Siu and Ramen Tei's Char Siu Ramen $9.80 - extra fatty pork, without the egg

Presentation is pretty average - ingredients is lacking, and noodles tasted very 'soapy'.  Texture was also on the soft side, not a springy texture at all.  Soup tasted very sweet, and originally 'tasteless', but more you eat, the saltier it gets.

   The noodles under the Char Siu Ramen.

Unfortunately, both bowls at Ramen Tei were a pretty average slurp.......

Ramen Tei on Urbanspoon

Tokyo Ramen is situated on Gawler Place just outside of Rundle Mall.  Menu has many dishes to order, Ramen, Udon, Bento, etc.

Ordered the Shoyu Ramen with Gyoza and tea $12.90.  Ramen by itself is $9.90, so comparable to all other places.   My friend ordered a Bento (chicken I think?)

Both dishes came out in less than 5 minutes after we ordered..... a bit of a worry I think....

 Tokyo Ramen's Shoyu Ramen

Presentation was nice, soup was warm, noodles however were cold.  Texture of noodles was just right, springy and full of bounce, however being cold noodles, that was a put off.

Taste of the soup was very nice - lots of flavour and nice colour.  Only came with 2 pieces of Char Siu.... would want at least 3.  The Char Siu was one of the nicest I have had.. different taste to normal, lots of fat, but I loved it.....  came with a handful of bean sprouts, half and egg and some ginger and a bit of seaweed.  Overall, a very nice slurp (except for cold noodles)

Gyoza - strange taste, wouldn't recommend

I thought I'd mention the Gyoza that came with the set, they were awful.... no idea what is in them, highly NOT recommended. 

Tokyo Ramen on Urbanspoon

Well, there you have it, 3 stores all within the Adelaide City centre that serve Ramen. 

I have intentionally left out Ajisen.  I don't believe that a chain Ramen store should be reviewed here... it wouldn't be fair to the other stores.  You may feel different, but I don't rate Ajisen Ramen very high. 

out of the 3, I would rank them in this order:

  1. Genki Roll
  2. Tokyo Ramen (2nd only because noodles were cold, would be clear winner if noodles were warmer)
  3. Ramen Tei

A big shout-out to Keizo for having the BEST ramen blog @ http://www.goramen.com/
Everything I know about slurping is from his blog!

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  1. it is not pronounced "lahmen" its pronounced "rah-men"


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