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Hi readers

We're going to try something new - why not tell us what you want us to blog?

Maybe you have a restaurant you have been wanting to visit, but just haven't seen a good enough review to entice you to actually go?

Maybe there's a particular type of food you've heard about, but not sure where the best place to go for it?

So, tell us, leave a comment after this post and we'll try our best to blog your request!


  1. Lickerish (new-ish), Ruby red flamingo(NEW), Dom Bistro (curious but never actually been in)

    Or how about Pub food? I heard the Stag does a delicious steak and correct in boasting about it being Adelaide's worst Vegetarian restaurant.

    1. Hey Chris, Lickerish review is up. Let us know what you think!

  2. I have always wanted to try Arriba Grill on Prospect Road but never got round to it when i was in Adelaide...

    1. Hi Hsiu Ling,

      Sorry for the late reply. We have tried Arriba Grill and a blog has been posted. Check out our archives for the review! Happy reading and hope that you enjoy the blog.

  3. Hi Chris, thanks for the suggestions. I'll try Lickerish this weekend, as it seems like a nice weekend to head down to Semaphore. Look out for a review from the Emperor next week!!

  4. Hey gang ..
    great to see you out an about living up the foodie lifestyle.
    As i said on OCAU the dumpling place at west lakes shopping centre
    I live in croydon so am excited to read your post about there next.
    Check out Queen Street Cafe - Croydon just off port road and near the train line.

    Loving the site ..
    Looking forward to more reviews.


    PS : the food and wine show is on this weekend at the show grounds if you want to review something from there :)

  5. Hi all,
    Like your food blogs, very entertaining and well written. I would like to set you a challenge. The challenge being to try and review a simple, yet totally misunderstood dish, a South Australian icon, a tried and tested after midnight hunger bender, I am of course talking about the humble Pie Floater. Yes that's right the Balfour's or Villi's pie served in thick soup of green mushy peas. Topped with Tomato sauce and vinegar (optional) washed down by a cold ginger beer. Well that's how I had it in the 70's when I grew up at the Norwood Pie cart right in front of the Hoyts cinema (use to be a Shell Petrol station back then). The only place in Norwood which now serves Pie Floaters is the 24 hour Bakery on the corner of Osmond Terrace and The Parade. I don't think they sell Ginger Beer on tap but they may have Bunderberg Ginger in the Fridge. Go on give a try, you will not find this dish anywhere else in the country.

    1. Hi Nolifeform

      My first pie floater was eaten in 1985. I've had a few since then, but its definitely been a while, so..... Challenge accepted! I'll also see if I can find other pie floaters around.

    2. Hi again Nolifeform - review of the 24/7 Pie floater is up

  6. Hi Chopping Board,

    Would love it if you could blog about Go-In Hot Pot on Hindley St and Mandoo Dumplings!!! They both look really good!!!

    1. Hi Hsiu Ling.

      Thanks for the comment - Go-in Hot this where the old Tilt used to be?! Oh I miss tilt lol. Thanks for the update, some friends and I will have to give this a go....If i am correct, this is the hot-pot train?

      As for Mandoo - I have heard mixed reviews...but I guess every restaurant deserves a chance!

  7. Hi Chopping Board,

    Love the blog, keep up the good work!

    Would like to see you blog about a few of the restaurants mentioned in the recent Adelaide magazine (in The Advertiser). Feliciano on Gilbert Street and The Howling Owl on Frome Street.

    Also, i think you need to look at doing a blog either on the pho at Nghi Ngan Quan (my favourite Viet restaurant) or just a dedicated blog comparing as many pho as possible - which is your favourite?

    1. Hi Steve,

      Thanks for your comments. Feliciano's has been on our radar, we just need to get around to it! The Howling Owl...I think that it is more of a gin bar, but we are definitely open to the suggestion and will have to give it a go.

      There are two Pho blogs out at the moment, one earlier in October, and Adelaide Pho. You should check these out! As for NNQ, we have been - just need to get around to writing about it!


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