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For readers who have been following this blog, you may have noticed that of late there has been a Mexican/Latin American theme.  We will be continuing this theme today with a review of Arriba Grill.

Arriba Grill's approach to Mexican food is to keep it simple (serving only burritos or mexican bowls) and where possible - organic.  The concept is easy, customers are provided with a checklist which they fill out to their own requirements.  You choose the burrito type, the meat and then the other essentials (think Mexican Subway).

Given that there are four of us that contribute to this blog, we thought that we would each get a different burrito combination and comment on them individually.

Ordered the burrito (white), with chicken, lime rice, medium heat, tomato, lettuce and all the other fixings.  The burrito was a decent size - enough for a lunch time meal.  I was full but was not bursting at the seams.  Chicken was cooked well, was juicy and had a nice flavour to it.  I ordered the lime rice, but sadly, mine did not have a very strong taste to it (which may be the intent, but I was expecting a little more).  Nice textures overall - soft burrito, tender chicken, crunchy lettuce, slightly 'hard' rice and then cheese, guac and sour cream make for a nice meal.  Compared to other Mexican chains like Zambrero and Burp I much prefer Arriba.  6.5 chops out of 10 on the chopping board.

Ordered the burrito (white), with beef, lime rice, medium heat, tomato, lettuce, sour cream and guacamole.  Overall, ingredients were fresh and the flavours were nice.  However, the meat was a little tough.  Kudos on the use of organic produce and gourmet lettuce.  I got half-way through eating my meal and got a little bored.  It definitely wasn't blow me away good but overall it was still enjoyed.  7 chops out of 10 on the chopping board. 
Ordered the burrito bowl option (no burrito), pork, lime rice, mild heat, tomato, jalapenos, lettuce, cheese, sour cream and guacamole.  Presentation looked great, healthy and light.  This was mirrored in the overall taste.  I could definitely taste the use of fresh produce.  The lettuce was crispy and the guacamole was a bright green colour.

The lime rice was a nice surprise.  I am not used to eating rice flavoured this way so it was an interesting taste.  These elements teamed together with the tender pork pieces and mild tomato salsa made for a tasty combination.  I am a big eater, so the down side for me was the serving size.  For me, it was a little small so I would have liked the choice of a larger bowl, however the current sized bowl would suit the majority of the population, I just eat like I have tapeworms.

Overall, the bowl option at Arriba grill is definitely suitable for all, especially people who want to eat clean, healthy, light, refreshing meal.  7 out of 10 chops on the chopping board.

Ordered the burrito (white), with pork, lime rice, hot, tomato, lettuce, sour cream and jalapeno's. I really liked the size of the meal, i think it suits what Arriba is offering, as a fresh, healthy, organic option. You can definitely taste that ingredients are fresh. The pork was nice, not dried out, and my combination packed a little heat, but not too much to kill the other flavours. When I compare this to other Adelaide offerings, like Zambrero's or Burp, this burrito is a few steps in front. A little more care has been taken in the selection of ingredients and size, and it taste's less 'express and take away'. Service was fast, and the stores are pretty well fitted out, and don't feel dirty like other Adelaide options can.

The Pork Burrito, when combined with the location and service gets 7.5 chops on the chopping board from the Nathan. I'll be returning a few more times when I want a quick and tasty lunch.

Overall, all bloggers liked their meals.  A common theme that came across all bloggers was that the meals looked fresh and healthy.  A lot of the time, Mexican food can be quite heavy, this is not the case with Arriba Grill.  The Chopping Board (as a whole) gives Arriba Grill 7 out of 10 chops on the chopping board.

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