Bar 9 - Brunch, give it a go

Earlier this year,  I had a little bit of an obsession with the meal people call brunch.  This fantastic meal eaten as a substitute between breakfast and lunch was welcomed during my lazy weekends!  So off I went in search for a decent place that served this wonderful meal - and so I came to Bar 9.

Upon arrival there was a line up (from what I remember, you can't reserve a table).  To me, any place with a line up must be good.  I peeped inside and saw patrons in constant chatter sitting on combinations of individual tables, bar seats and shared benches which added to the laid back, casual, communal vibe.  Customers included individuals, couples, groups and families of all ages.

Ok, now that has been discussed - the food!

English muffin with vanilla bean marscapone, frangelico, macerated strawberry, basil and hazlenut (gluten free - $14)

As I was not after something heavy, I went with the above dish.  The muffin was toasted well on the outside and was soft and light on the inside,  The marscapone complimented the other components of the dish well and the hazlenut added a crunchy textural element.  The addition of the basil also added a dimension of freshness that helped in cutting through the sweet components of the dish (frangelico and the strawberries).  Overall, I was very pleased with what came out.

Rwandan Niyakizu - Filtered coffee
Bar 9 identifies itself as a specialist tea and coffee spot but I am not in any position to comment on this (I don't know much about coffee!).  

Friend and I thought that we would move away from the standard latte and decided to try one of the filtered coffee options available, so the Rwandan Niyakizu was chosen.  The waitress gave us our coffee and explained to us that with every sip the taste of the coffee would change given it reacts to temperature...and we did see that this was the case.  The flavours started off quite strong and as it cooled, became more subtle with citrus tones becoming apparent.

This concluded my first outing at Bar 9.  Now onto the second...

I picked a friend up from the airport fresh from Dubai, being an ex-Adelaidian she was aware of the awesome food that we have here and was craving some poached eggs.  Top of mind was (surprise, surprise) Bar 9.

Creamy truffled mushroom ragu on toast with poached eggs and truffled honey ($17)
I am not a huge fan of eggs, but enjoyed these a lot.  The toast was crunchy and kept its shape with the mushroom and egg on top.  The truffled mushrooms were tasty and seemed a little decadent for a weekend brunch (I wasn't complaining!).  The slight sprinkling of cheese added some saltiness that broke through the rich mushroom and soft, runny poached egg.  Overall, a great dish.

Latte - strong, but not burnt
The two times that I visited Bar 9 did not disappoint.  I would (and have) recommended this place to friends.  

Ambience: 4.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Food: 8/10

In total, Mirko gives Bar 9 a total of 16/20 chops on the chopping board.

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