Dim Well Cafe - Start the day with Yum Cha!

After several change of businesses in the space next to BBQ City, there is finally a establishment set up there that is worth talking about. Dim Well Yum Cha Cafe is the new yum cha kid on the block and has only been open for just under a month. As a result, Saturday morning we went was fairly quiet and not your usual  noise laden event. This was actually a nice change.

Pretty light box on the wall + daily specials
Unfortunately, there were no trolleys bringing out goodies for viewing and choosing (I am unsure if they ever have trolleys) so we were required to order on paper. Although this does take out some of the novelty of yum cha, at least this meant we didn't get carried away. Now onto the food!

Fried taro and pork dumpling
This fried taro and pork dumpling was delish! Usually when ordering these there is the risk of hard coating and meat minced beyond recognition. Neither was the case for these little beauties. Casing was light and crisp, while the meat was actually thin pork strips.  

Har gow prawn dumplings
This prawn dumplings were superb, with the pastry being light and translucent. Prawn filling was firm and tasted fresh. Definitely one of the better har gows I have tried.

Siu mai
A yum cha staple, this siu mai was good but not great. Flavour was spot on and the egg wrapper was nice and soft but the meat inside was a little too dense. So this siu mai loses some marks for texture.  

Chicken feet

Chicken feet are an acquired taste but to many Cantonese people this is a yum cha favourite. It's interesting how Chinese people seem to love food that is difficult to eat- the more effort the greater the food victory perhaps? These chicken feet were tender and soaked in a moreish black bean sauce. The sauce of these chicken feet would go great with a big bowl of steamy rice. Yum!

Chinese donut in rice pastry
The rice pastry of this dish was both thin and delicate, not like some of the gluggy, thick ones of amateur yum cha sifus. However, there was conflicting opinions about the chinese donut. Boyfriend said that the chinese donut used could have been crunchier, while I had no issue as I like my chinese donut with a bit of chew and absolutely drenched in sweet soy.

Coconut jelly

Egg tart
We finished the meal off with two sweets, egg tarts and coconut jelly. The coconut jelly was spot on and had the texture of a firm panna cotta. The coconut flavour would strangely become more pronounced as you continued to eat the jelly. This dessert was really refreshing and a great way to refresh the palate after a bout with yum cha. The egg tarts had a nice flaky, buttery pastry and the egg custard was smooth and without that rubbery layer that can sometimes form on the top. However, my boyfriend and I agreed that the custard could have been a little sweeter.  

Although only our first experience, it was judged that Dim Well Yum Cha Cafe served a good and consistent standard of yum cha across each of the dishes we chose. Added bonus was the lovely service we received.

Jess gives Dim Well Yum Cha Cafe 15.5/20 chops on the Chopping Board

Ambiance 3/5
Service 4.5/5
Food 8/10

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  1. Closed 19 October 2014.

  2. CLOSED had a booking via Groupon purchase rocked up and CLOSED !


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