Feast! Fine Foods - Mastering the Grill Class

A couple of weeks back I was fortunate enough to attend a 3 hour Mastering the Grill Class at the Central Markets with Adelaide's "Mr Meat" Richard Gunner, owner of Feast! on the Parade, Norwood.

The night started off with a session on the different types of beef cuts and what they can be used for. A key theme of this session was how to turn cheaper cuts of beef, such as oyster blade and rump, into flavoursome and tender steaks with the art of clever butchery.

Ultimate meat pack! 

As the name of the suggests, this class was all about learning and adopting the fundamentals of grilling meat. The main purpose of grilling meat is to obtain the oh-so-tasty brown crust that forms on the surface, as a result of the heat induced Maillard Reaction. Fun fact - the Maillard Reaction can also be thanked for other tasty treats such as; the crunchy bits on french fries, the crusty bits in Char Kway Teow and the more-ish taste of Miso. The Maillard Reaction can only be achieved with the correct amount of heat. Too little and you will get a murky grey mess. Too much heat and your steak will be charred beyond recognition. A great tip Richard mentioned was to heat the pan on a moderate high heat until you could no longer comfortably place your hand around 15 cm away from the pan for 5 seconds.

Charcoal grill set up 

After sampling some steaks cooked on both the pan and the above charcoal grill set up, it finally came to me cooking my own steak dinner. For someone that doesn't do much cooking at home, this was definitely a daunting feat. I could feel the pressure to correctly use the tips provided to produce a nice, juicy steak. Being almost 8 o'clock, there was additional pressure from my stomach - HUNGER.

Out of the selection of meats on offer, I chose a rump steak. Firstly, I oiled and seasoned the steak with a considerable amount of salt flakes and no pepper, as pepper has the tendency to burn. It is important to oil the steak and not the pan, as this ensures that every part of the steak surface is prevented from sticking.

Well oiled  and seasoned steak
Ensuring the pan was hot enough, I placed the steak in the pan to be grilled until pools of moisture formed on the surface.

My little beauty
Moment of truth when I flipped the steak. To my relief, a nice brown crust had formed on the underside of the steak.

Nice and crusty - thanks Maillard
Once cooked, the steak was rested upright (to reduce surface area contact) and fat side down (increased insulation), while I served up some salad and condiments to complement the main act.

Selection of condiments on offer - went with mustard and chimi churri

And finally the delicious dinner.

Medium rare rump steak with rocket salad and tomato salsa

Cross cut - medium rare indeed
The Mastering the Grill class was a great way to spend a night. I definitely learnt some useful tips that are likely to stay with me for a long time due to their simplicity and practicality. Included in the class were matching wines and a take home pack of Coorong Angus beef. Thanks Feast! Fine Foods.

Jess + steak = happy Jess.  


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