Hey Jupiter! Adult sandwiches in the East End

Located in the East End of Adelaide on Ebenezer Place, a new establishment has recently opened its small doors to the public.  Hey Jupiter is a french inspired cafe which serves up breakfast, lunch, coffees and some pastries (which I believe are from Patisserie - Au Matin Calme).

Hey Jupiter was first mentioned to me by a colleague of mine, before this, I had never heard of the place and within the space of days it was the name on everyones lips!  So, along with a co-worker, I gave it a go. 

Walk in and you are greeted with eclectic decor and a wall of mirrors which provides you with the specials of the day.  

So I looked at the blackboard of items and scan the 'Adult Sandwiches' on offer (I call them Adult Sandwiches as I think that they take the humble sandwich and make them a little more sophisticated).  

I order the pork belly sandwich and eagerly await its arrival at my table.  Ciabatta is nicely toasted and substantially filled with deliciously crunchy pork belly.  The fennel and apple slaw is well balanced and compliments the pork belly filling.  What I really enjoyed about this sandwich (apart from the taste) was that the pork belly had a crunchy crackling which added different textures to the sandwich.  Every bite provided you with crunch, softness and slight tartness from the slaw....heaven!

I took friends there the following week and ordered the pork belly again....it was that good! 

Visit number three and I decide to try another sandwich, the white wine poached chicken.  The chicken was juicy and tender and the pancetta was nice and crisp.  Asparagus looked like it was slightly blanched as it still retained a bright green colour and was nice and crunchy.  Lemon and thyme dressing was slightly tart which added an element of fresh to the dish.

Visit number four (yes, this is true!), I decided to try a different sandwich, this time, it was the beetroot with goats curd & baby spinach. A great combination, the sweetness of the beetroot, sourness of the curd and earthiness from the spinach made for an enjoyable lunch. The walnut and balsamic dressing spiced it all up a little! 

We also washed the sandwiches down with some of the organic soda's. I had thought these were going to be more like your old home delivered soda bottles we got as kid's, but these were definitely adult soda's, plenty of real fruit flavor. 

Then, just because we could, we finished it off with a coffee each. Latte's all round. Really good coffee, 5 senses beans, and paid good attention to the temperature of the milk, which was the temperature I like. Definitely worth a coffee if your down that end of town. I noticed the also had a glass cabinet full of au matin calme cakes, supporting their local! 

From a price perspective, a sandwich will set you back about $14.  For some, this may be a little steep, but I believe that you get what you pay for and this is worth the price.

Ambience: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Food: 8/10

Mirko gives Hey Jupiter 16/20 chops on the chopping board.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting place, will have to check it out in my lunch break.

  2. Yum! Those sandwiches sound divine!


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