Onyx dessert bar - Dessert/Bar in North Adelaide

Onyx dessert bar is a new player on the Adelaide dessert scene.  Out for a friends birthday dinner one night, I suggested that we try this place as I had seen them on Twitter and Facebook and the desserts looked amazing.

Onyx is located on O'Connell Street in quite a large space (compared to other dessert bars that I have seen).  We walk into Onyx and are seated and presented with tablets which have the dessert and drinks menus.  This place is slightly different from others as it serves desserts as well as cocktails and other alcoholic beverages (sounds like a good combination to me). 

The dessert menu is split into five different tastes (bitter, salty, sour, umami and sweet).  Each taste category providing a number of different desserts.  I had a few things in mind after looking at Facebook, so knew what I wanted...just had to find it on the menu!

First on the menu, a modern take on banana bread with caramelised popcorn ($14 approx).  Beautifully presented, densely layered banana bread.  Eating the banana bread with the caramelized popcorn provides a nice distinction between soft and crunchy.  Overall, did not have any wow factor.

Second on the menu was the Peirrick Boyer Signature Brownie, Passion Chocolate Gateau ($16).  Now this is the dish that I saw online and wanted to try.  First impressions was that it was beautifully presented.  
Cut through the cake and you can see a number of different textures presented.  Soft mousse, dense brownie and crunchy crumble add to the eating experience.  Passionfruit jelly is pleasantly acidic and does really well to cut through the rich and dense brownie.  

Chocolate crumble also provides a nice crunch.  Overall, a very decadent dessert.  It can be seen that all elements on the plate are meant to be eaten in combination to ensure that the flavours compliment each other (as opposed to overpowering) each other which they could do separately.

Overall, a great first experience.  I can't wait to see what Onyx does moving forward.

Ambiance:  3/5
Service: 4.5/5
Dessert: 7.5/10

Mirko gives Onyx Dessert Lounge 15/20 chops on the chopping board.

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  1. Intrigued by the menu set-up by senses - what was listed under bitter?

  2. My sister is taking me here for my birthday. Can't wait to check it out.

    I can't say I'm really into the look of that foam, but I do love the idea of cocktails and desserts.

  3. @helen - yes agree, have never seen this concept for dessert. Apologies, but I cannot see what is under the 'bitter' section.

    @natasha - cocktails and desserts are the perfect combination :)

  4. Checking on this place is still on my wish list! I think I need to look for new desserts to be included in our catering menu; this place would give me new ideas! Hopefully I could have the time to visit the Onyx dessert bar soon!

    1. Hi George, its worth a try. At the time of writing this review they had a dessert menu that covered the five tastes (sweet, salty, bitter, umami and sour)...I went back a few weeks ago and they have reduced the amount of desserts on the menu. Hopefully you enjoy! - PS - thanks for reading the blog, hope you like!


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