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A few weeks back after finishing work I caught up with some friends to visit Astonish Patisserie located in the south-end of the city.  According to their facebook page, its two co-founders graduated from Le Cordon Bleu with one of them having previously worked at Rockpool Bar and Grill. 

Walk into Astonish and you are welcomed with a case of different desserts - macarons, cakes, biscuits and a number of other delicious treats.  The decor reminds me of an old school Englishmans library - bookshelves, world globes, use of wood and luxurious chairs gives it that old-world charm.  The menu is split into two defined types - take away (which consists of smaller items like macarons) and then dine-in which consists of the more detailed, larger desserts.

Macaron Burger: Sesame Espresso Macaron, rice sorbet, berry marmalade, grilled pineapple, strawberry moscato jelly and hand crafted puff pastry. - $15
This was the dessert that I wanted to try.  It shows great imagination and artistry creating a sweet version of the good old burger and fries.  The macaron bun (not macaroon as spelt on the menu) had the all important 'feet', the shell was smooth and the insides chewy.  At first glance I expected this meal to be quite sickly but I was pleasantly surprised.  The use of the jelly, sorbets and marmalade (all created to mimic the layers of a hamburger) worked well together and was surprisingly refreshing.  Beware though - after analysing the layers of the dish it started to if you order this dish, take your photo and eat it quick!  The puff pastry fries were light and fluffy and covered with icing sugar.  Definitely the dessert of the night.

Freshly baked banana cake with banana smoothie - $15

My friend ordered the banana cake with banana smoothie.  My friend has an intolerance to dairy and asked whether it was possible to substitute the dairy with soy milk.  They agreed to it without any hesitation which shows the great service that they provided.  Overall, a safe dish - it is not hard to get banana cake wrong.  The cake was moist and dense and tasted nice.  My friend however did mention that the banana cake equivalent at Devour dessert bar was more visually appealing and was more to her liking.

Vanilla pannacotta, rhubarb jelly, pistachio bombe alaska with a brandy snap - $16
The 'Panna fire' looks visually appealing.  All elements are texturally different and compliment each other when eaten together.  The dessert as a whole is well-rounded and satisfies a number of elements.  Tart rhubarb jelly, crunchy pistachio, sweet brandy snap and smooth pannacotta.  The bombe alaska tasted nice but after blowing out the flame I could still taste the brandy which was a little off putting and left an after taste which was not pleasing.  This may have been my fault for blowing out the flame too early, having said that, the meringue was charring so I had to blow it out.  Use of less brandy may have been better.  The waiter was also nice and paired the bombe alaska with a sweet Woodstock Semillon.

Overall, the desserts at Astonish were nice, but nothing out of this world.  They are comparable to a number of other dessert places that exist around Adelaide (think Onyx, Devour, The Aviary etc).

Ambiance:  3/5 - the concept is there, just need to revise execution
Service:  4/5 - very attentive and friendly staff
Food:  6/10

Overall Mirko gives Astonish Patisserie 13/20 chops on the chopping board.  

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  1. Hi, from your newest linker:)
    Good to know other places, we frequent devour as we live in prospect..but might need to try these out:)

    1. Hi Rebecca, thanks for coming over and checking us out. I also frequent Devour as it's in my local area too. I love the take home desserts. Look forward to reading your comments, and maybe one day needing some seamstress advice!

  2. My mom promised me that she’ll treat me in Astonish Patisserie after my recovery from my dental implant operation. I just can’t wait for that day to come! I want to try their Macaron Burger! I just hope this sweet will not damage my teeth.


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