Fire and Stone - Authentic wood oven goodness

I'm surrounded by Italian restaurants and pizza bars where I live in Adelaide, including a gem of an authentic wood oven pizza and pasta place called Fire and Stone.  I've visited this place a few times, but that was before this blog was created, so I thought it was time to revisit and spread the word.

I parked my car outside, and immediately I could smell the smoke from the wood oven.  There is plenty of room for dining, an open kitchen, fully licensed and plenty of room for parking.

Unfortunately, this review is based on their takeaway, but don't let that deter you, the food was still outstanding.

Nothing beats a wood oven pizza
Bianci Gnocchi - Pan seared onion, fresh tomato, chorizo sausage topped with fresh goats curd & shredded prosciutto $18.90
Margherita - Napolitana sauce, mozzarella, fresh marinated tomatoes, fresh basil & bocconcini cheese, topped with a small drizzle of balsamic - $16.90 (12")
Italian RocketBolognese Sauce, mozzarella, San Jose Italian sausage and pancetta, topped with rocket and shaved parmesan  $19.90 (12")

The Bianci Gnocchi was something of a surprise!  From the menu, I couldn't quite get the idea of what I was about to taste....The goats curd gave a sour taste to the sweet onion and sausage sauce which balanced very well.  I would say that this combination of tastes may not appeal to everyone, but for me, it was amazing.  The Gnocchi was perfectly cooked, not too soft, not too soggy, just right.  

The pizzas.... what can I say?  Except that they were fantastic!  I thought I had found Pizza e Mozzarella to be my favourite wood oven venue, but Fire and Stone can definitely stand toe to toe.  The crust is thin, crispy and perfectly cooked to ensure a nice brown edge with a hint of smokiness from the woodoven.  Both the Bolognese sauce and the Nap sauce stood out with distinctive flavours, the Nap sauce being a bit more sour and the Bog sauce being sweeter.  

The Margherita is always a pizza I use to set the benchmark, if a pizza bar fails a Margherita, I normally guess they fail other pizzas too.  Fire and Stone's Margherita is very well done, not much more I can say.  

I normally go with a seafood pizza, but the Italian Rocket was something I couldn't' avoid.  Combination of 2 different meats and 2 types of cheeses?!  Who could say NO to that?  With the pancetta and sausage, there was no denying that it was a meaty pizza, but the fresh rocket was there to hide the full effect which was very well executed.  The bolognese sauce provided a sweet touch which evened out the saltiness of the fresh parmesan... so much was going on with my tastebuds.  This pizza was a winner for me.      

I'm definitely  going to return to provide a complete review to include service and atmosphere. 

Based on the takeaway, Hayes gives Fire and Stone 9/10 Chops on the Chopping Board.

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  1. I'm a huge fan of Italian food so I love finding out about new places I can try. This place looks amazing, I can't wait to go check it out. The gnocchi and rocket pizza looks devine!

    1. Definitely go check it out. I'm already thinking when I should visit it again.

  2. Oh wow. It all looks amazing. Will definitely give this a try soon.

  3. Italian food is well known for its fresh and rich ingredients full of nutrition. Pizza is one of their finest one. For other Italian food you could visit I had once visited there and planning to visit the place again.

  4. I love pizza cooked in furnace, the flavor of the ingredients burst out making it so yummy to eat! If only we have a furnace at home.


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