Quick Chop! - Burgastronomy, new kid on the block

Burger bars have been opening left right and centre in Adelaide for the past year, and the most recent one of these is in the middle of North Adelaide on O'Connell street: Burgastronomy.

I went to this new establishment with a few Twitter buddies @Malchia, @Thecookingchook, @Oliyoung and @radiostarelle.

The Trucker with hot Chipotle sauce

On the menu, there are 4 beef burgers, 2 chicken burgers and 1 vegetarian with additional sides and drinks.  The burgers came out pretty quickly and were all decent sizes, I ordered the biggest - Trucker which had a hand grounded MSA Grade Angus beef patty, lettuce, bacon, egg, cheese, caramelised onion, tomato ketchup and mayonnaise.  I upgraded mine with hot Chipotle sauce.

The interesting thing we all noted was that each burger seemingly had different buns... @Thecookingchook's cheeseburger was a glazed bun, looking similar to Burger Theory's buns, while the others were like damper type buns... all slightly toasted.  I prefer my burger buns softer, and a little bit more sweeter.

The taste?  It was a bit bland, good, juicy beef patty but nothing amazing, the patty was well done, didn't taste like manufactured meat, but very home-style-like patties.  The runny egg added moisture and additional taste to the overall bland burger.  I couldn't taste any cheese, or felt any crunchiness from the lettuce.  The hot Chipotle sauce was not really hot in my opinion, but added a nice 'zing' to the burger.

However, I am not an expert burger blogger from this blog - those titles go the Nathan and Mirko.  I am sure they will visit this place and add it to their burger reviews.  Stay tuned!

Hayes gives the burger at Burgastronomy 14/20 chops on the Chopping Board.

Ambience 3.5/5
Service 3.5/5
Food 7/10

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  1. I swung past Burgastronomy the other day.

    First impressions are that the premesis isn't finished yet and the place is a little small. But in an ideal position. Once the words out they will have people lining up through the door.

    I do judge a book by its cover, and I'm hoping they've got some plans for a massive logo behind the counter with some back lighting, and some tables out the front and around the side.

    I grabbed their "signature" burger. Getting a burger right is almost a science, science of construction. Getting the ingredients in the right order is a key element to a good burger so you get all the flavours and all the textures, and I can't say I'm a big fan of soggy lettuce. I did however get some good tartiness out of the pickles, and some crunch from it too.

    The best thing I liked about the burger was not having to pull it apart bit by bit so I could eat it. It was big enough to be filling and value for money, and small enough to get your teeth around without your jaw locking into place.

    I think I'd agree the patty was a bit bland but still good.

    They've got a great location and should make use of it to get a crowd in, I hope they do will and give Burger It some competition up the road.

    The only other comment I could think of, was I saw no option to get a burger, chips and a drink as some kind of "deal", I know it's not Maccas. But a few places I've been do do it, pubs do it with a beer. So I skipped on the chips.

  2. Tried the shroom burger and was greatly underwhelmed by the lack of flavour. The sweet potato chips were great though.


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