The Loose Caboose - another gem in Hindmarsh

The Loose Caboose, aptly named as it is built in an old railway station around Bowden is a new brunch/lunch location that has been open for approximately the last 10 months.  Decor is a mix of old and new with a lot decor paying homage to its train station roots.  The train is still active along the line and the station outside of the venue is still operational. 

There is no booking at the Loose Caboose, so be ready to wait a while to be seated.  Sparkling and still water are available on tap whilst you wait for your table.  In and outdoor areas are available.  Patrons are widely varied and consist of young and old, singles to families.

Note:  This review was done over two different visits.
Some delicious treats from the Loose Caboose

Smashed avocado, thyme buttered mushrooms, poached egg, feta, roasted tomatoes on toasted sourdough - $17
The combination of avocado and feta is good mixing creamy avocado with the salty feta.  Sourdough was toasted nicely and kept its shape even when mixed with the wet ingredients (poached egg).  Tried and tested flavour combination - not alot more to say.

Caboose breakfast board - eggs, bacon, feta, roasted tomato, avocado, mushrooms and toasted sourdough - $18.90
The caboose breakfast board is a very similar meal to the above mentioned crushed avocado.  Only difference is the addition of the bacon and an additional piece of sourdough.  Nice presentation on the board.  Bacon was cooked well, slightly crunchy.  Worth the purchase if you are looking for a big breakfast.

House toasted muesli - stewed fruit and yoghurt - $10
House toasted muesli was fresh.  The simple combination of muesli and fruit is a great combination and a good alternative if you (a) don't feel like a big breakfast or (b) a healthy alternative on a hot summers day. 

Sweet corn fritters, poached egg, smoked bacon, baby spinach and tomato relish - $17
Sweet corn fritters are another great option.  The fritters have a sweet corn base.  Corn fritters are very sweet, the flavours of the corn shine through.  Batter is not heavy.  Combination of the sweet fritter and bacon mix salty and sweet together.  A really enjoyable dish.  Poached egg was done well, cut through the thin egg film and the runny yolk is present.

Iced Coffee
The iced coffee is a great alternative on a hot summers day.  The addition of the vanilla icecream was an added bonus.  In addition, I also ordered a fresh juice 'the johnny' - a combination of kiwi fruit, broccoli, baby spinach and apple.  At first the combination of flavours intrigued and scared me.  Thinking of this in my head I really could not fathom what the combination would provide me - I was pleasantly surprised.  The kiwi and apple shone through and I could not at all taste the broccoli or spinach.  Great taste and again, something light on a summers day.

The Loose Caboose is another one of those hidden gems opening up in the Hindmarsh/Bowden area along with Plant 13, the Hawker Street area as well as Queen Street in Croydon.  I have been here twice, and will go back again.

Ambiance:  4/5 - cool, funky location - great vibe
Service: 3.5/5 - good solid service. Not much required as you have to order yourself
Food: 7.5/10 - solid, tried and tested flavour combinations.  Nothing too out there

Mirko gives the Loose Caboose 15/20 chops on the chopping board. 

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  1. Going for brunch tomorrow for the first time as I keep hearing about this place! Looking forward to trying some of the dishes. Most reviews I have read have been reasonably positive on the food aspect but the service seems to be getting some negative rap-ups so will see.

  2. Hi James, thanks for your comment! We'd be really interested to hear how your experience was and how the food was. If you have any other recommendations or even review requests, send them through!


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