Fancy Burger - Not so fancy?

For anyone who hasn't realised, The Chopping Board is made up of multiple members. When we all get together, forming a review can get quite difficult. This review, is written by Nathan, given that most other burger reviews are written by him, and combines the thoughts of the others throughout. We hope you enjoy all the perspectives on this review. 

The first time I visited Fancy Burger was over three years ago, at Blackwood, and I liked it then.  It was a fresh suburban burger bar, doing great patties with great sauce. Since then, I have visited a few more times, and still enjoyed it, but have observed a slight decline in the quality of the product as it's popularity grew.  When I found out that they were opening in the CBD of Adelaide, I was a little excited, the CBD lacks some good burger bars, and it's hard to get to the trucks all the time.

Fancy signage

Another side note to this review, is that it took place over 2 visits, simply because the first visit on opening day an incorrect order came out after a long wait....  a steak sandwich instead of a burger.  And also, on the first visit, Hayes went solo, and the next day we were all able to go, and we thought that they deserved a second chance. On the first visit, the waitress said she'd go and check with the kitchen how it went wrong, but never came back...he was hungry, he didn't want to negotiate a different burger, etc, so he started eating it. This review will be coming up later on the blog. Ok, onto the review of the bar & burgers! 
The setup of place is funky, the tiles are cool and there are plenty of benches for sitting.  Plenty of outdoor seating is also planned.  Little elements such as the trophies for table numbers continue to create a vibe that is also reflected in the menu text and uniforms.  We were excited, all four members of the Chopping Board arrived and were ready to eat.

Fancy artwork, outside with seating
Menu behind counter

Outdoor dining

The menu
In my first visit to anywhere, I usually stick to the standard burger before I tackle anything else as it provides me with a base to compare each place against.  Here, that burger is the 'Fancy That', and I added cheese.  Structurally, the burger is a good size, easy to pick up and held its form well.  The bun is a gluten free wholemeal bun, which provides a nice nuttiness, but, overall tastes a bit dry and bland.  The salad component consisted of lettuce, tomato and red onion, all fresh and providing the required moisture and sweetness, in good proportion to the rest of the burger.

Nathan's choice - Fancy That w/ Cheese, side of Smokey Chilli
The patty for me was not a winner.  It did have a nice crust and char, sufficient seasoning, but, I found multiple gristle bits within it, which indicate to me that it isn't made from a 100% meat mix.  It made me feel like I was eating a cheap mince mix.  The rest of the Chopping Board crew's burgers were also gristly and we agreed that we were not particularly happy with the patty.  I am ok with using a certain fat content throughout a patty, but not gristle.  Nothing ruins my meal more than having to spit that out mid bite, it wasn't pleasant.

Other than the gristle issue, I also remember the patty having more herbs on previous visits, but it wasn't on this visit. It tasted quite bland compared to some of the burgers I have had recently.  The combination of the relish and herb mayo came someway to bringing me some happiness, as they mask a lot of the issues that I have with some other elements of the burger.

The chips weren't much better, under cooked, under salted and warm when we received them. Again, the only saving grace here was the smoky chili sauce we were dipping them in, that was good.

Two other Chopping Board members had the 'Crispy Bacon and Cheese Burger', tall chips and the herb and mayo dipping sauce. Jess had the Sunrise Surprise, with pineapple being the main difference with that burger.

Mirko had the Crispy Bacon and Cheese Burger, with a side of fries and Herbed Mayo
Hayes also had the Crispy Bacon and Cheese

Jess had the Sunrise surprise . . . Like a Sunrise
The sentiments above regarding the quality of the patty were shared.   The same wholemeal bun was used, which we all thought was dry and bland.  However the combination of the relish and mayo dressing added a great flavour to the burger.  The bacon was well cooked and slightly crispy which is what reviewer (Mirko) likes.  The cheese was also well melted through.  Again, the comments made above regarding the chips were shared. No one enjoyed picking the gristle out of the patties either.

When I compare this burger to similar styled burgers at Burger Club or Burger Foundry, it misses the mark on flavour and quality.  When I compare it to some of my faves, like Press, Chuck Wagon or Burger Theory, it's miles behind.  I think that a few things have changed since my earlier visits to Fancy Burger, I (nor anyone I went with) had gristle in the patty, the buns tasted fresher and the meat was generally nicer.  Maybe this is a consequence of growth, maybe just coincidence, maybe a once off.  I'm not sure that I will return in a hurry, but I won't write them off just yet.

The Chopping Board (as a collective) gives Fancy Burger CBD 13.5/20 chops on the chopping board.

Food: 6.5/10
Ambiance: 4/5 - really liked the vibe of the place and its overall location in the CBD.  A little hidden away off the main strip.
Service: 3/5 – Given that on the first day a steak sandwich was brought out to someone who ordered a burger, and no compensation was offered, I am a bit disappointed with the service.

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  1. Ohh thats disapointing.. have yet to try press.. but Burger theory/Pearls is still my fav :)

  2. I had the vego burger and as far as meat -free burgers go it was a definite winner! Loved the chilli mayo and goats cheese on it was so good!


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