Flatbread Cafe-Mart - Mile End - great little find!

I spend a lot of time out of the office these days, and the majority of it on Greenhill Rd. So, as a team, we are always looking to get out for lunch. We usually hit up Bar 9, Paddys Lantern, Vili's Cafe or Lawash. After speaking to another friend who works in the area, she recommended we try Flatbread Cafe Mart, on Henley Beach Rd, Mile End, Adelaide. Great flat bread pizzas at a bargain price - I'm sold.

I convinced the team, based upon this recommendation, to not head to Lawash one day, and we headed down to Flatbread Cafe Mart. From the outside, it looks clean and inviting. Inside, you see an array of different pizzas in the fridge and a gas fired oven in the back corner where they are heated up!

The menu

The entry

Onto the Pizzas! We ordered three different varieties, so we could have a good selection to share and try. We had the Vegetarian, Chicken & Lahem-B-Cheese (Meat & Cheese). As an option, we were asked if we wanted lemon and chille, and we opted to have this on them all! As the name suggests, this is a flat bread cafe, so the pizzas aren't your normal based pizzas, they use, you guessed it - Lebanese flat bread!

Vegetarian pizza
The vegetarian was really nice, plenty of the green herbs, such as oregano and parsley, with some nice fresh tomato, and a decent amount of cheese! It came out really hot, with a nice crunchy base, which was also reflected across all the pizzas. 

Chicken pizza

The chicken pizza had a similar flavour to the vegetarian, with heaps of breast chicken pizzas, a similar herb flavour and heaps of fresh tomato. 

Meat and cheese
The meat and cheese was my favourite pizza. The herb base was different on this one, with something more aromatic, I couldn't work out what it was! The minced meat was really nice, and again, heaps of cheese, some tomato and a great balance between each of the flavours. 

Combining the price of these pizzas, and the quality, they are an absolute bargain! The service was really nice for a corner store, we were greeted, had the pizzas explained, and even when we were sitting down, we were then asked where we were from, and then a suggestion was made next time to try sharing their Meza mixed plate next time. When we return, we will make sure we do! If you're in the area, and looking for a great value lunch, then you have to try this place.

Nathan gives Flatbread Cafe Mart at Mile End, 15.5/20 chops on The Chopping Board - a great little suburban gem has been found again! 

Ambience: 3.5/5 - it does kinda feel like you are sitting in a little market!
Service: 4/5 - as above, really nice people!
Food: 8/10 - great value and tasty!

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  1. Thank You very much for the comments and we at Flatbread café-Mart all very happy about your experience in our little corner shop as you have described it as
    Please let us know where we can improve as that is our priority


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