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After a very windy jetty to jetty beach run this Australia Day public holiday, something delicious for the belly was the only thing on my mind. Grind It at Glenelg has been on the To-Try list for over a year after hearing very favourable things about both their food and coffee. Finally made it! On arrival the place was packed, with a couple of groups waiting. Expecting the wait to be quite long, it was a pleasant surprise to be shown to a booth a short 15 minutes after arrival.   

Grind It - Pretty self explanatory

A long black and skim latte were ordered for an afternoon pick me up. Both coffees possessed strong aromas and were full bodied in flavour. Special mention should be made of the long black's crema - golden caramel in colour, foamy and dense. I'm no coffee aficionado like Nathan but even with my amateur coffee tastebuds I'm confident in saying that "This is good coffee" *double taps two fingers* (seen Al Pacino for Vittoria coffee anyone?).  

Long Black
Skim Latte

Following the coffee, a complementary appetiser was brought out for the table. Did you hear right? Lunch appetiser? Complementary? We were surprised as you are now! The appetiser was a Honeycomb Crumble with Greek Yoghurt and was a nice touch to the dining experience. The Honeycomb Crumble had a similar texture to finely chopped dried fruit, slightly more chewy than crumbly. The sweetness of the crumble was necessary to cut through the tartness of the Greek yoghurt. A refreshing way to start the meal and to be honest, I'm not one to critique on freebies - free food is a plus in anyone's book :D

Complementary Honeycomb Crumble with Greek yoghurt - FREE! 

This particular food outing was shared with Mum and Dad, who ordered the Veggie Brekkie and Roast Chicken Salad, respectively. The Veggie Brekkie included two eggs as you like, roasted tomato, sauteed mushrooms, zucchini fritter and Turkish toast.  Most of the items were as you expect and done well, with the zucchini fritter being the stand out. Moist but not soggy, with a savoriness that made it very moreish. However, the downfall of the dish were the eggs which were slightly over poached. This is shown in the second image, where it can be observed that the yolk has absolute no hint of the trademark, oozy yolk of poached eggs. Over poaching the eggs also resulted in rubbery egg whites.

Veggie Brekkie

Poached egg too poached
The Roast Chicken salad is built upon chicken breast marinated in a wholegrain mustard dressing. Chicken pieces were tender and held the flavour required to make the salad a substantial meal. Crumbled feta also helped this cause. Salad vegetables were fresh and crisp. A nice light meal with fresh, healthy flavours - if that's what you're into. 
Roast chicken salad

Meanwhile, my boyfriend and I shared two dishes, with these being Grilled Chorizo with warm rocket and potato salad and chicken roti wrap with avocado, bacon, lettuce and mayo. The Chorizo had a great flavour but was also dry and hard. Either the chorizo was overcooked or had a very low fat content - any type of sausage with a low fat content is plain wrong. Chorizo was edible and tasty but my jaw did experience some fatigue. Rocket was rocket but potato was not just potato! These potatoes were delicious and had a very similar texture to the Spanish tapas patatas bravas. Crispy and salty, it was like having chips in a salad. Sinful and yum! Also commendable is sweet and spicy chilli jam concoction served alongside. Super tasty indeed.

Grilled Chorizo with warm rocket and potato salad

A wrap made from roti bread was a concept that I hadn't tried before. I was curious to see how it would pair with conventional sandwich ingredients and not soaked in Malaysian curry sauce (still the best way to have roti). Surprisingly the roti worked really well as a wrap, with the chewy texture reminding me of a burrito casing. Fillings were standard and nice, but the amount of mayo could be increased to prevent a dry mouth feel after each bite. To counter this, we used left over chilli jam from the grilled chorizo to add some moisture. The addition of chilli jam to the roti wrap was a significant improvement and I would probably order it on the side if I was to order a wrap again. 

Chicken, avo, bacon, lettuce and mayo roti wrap

Although there were some minor downfalls I really enjoyed my dining experience at Grind It. Similar sentiments were expressed by both my boyfriend and parents, even though my parents thought it was a bit strange to be completely surrounded by such a young, hipster crowd. The dining experience was also enhanced by service that was both welcoming and efficient, and the friendly vibe the place possesses.  I look forward to trying Grind It again, perhaps to try their famous french toast. Keep you all posted!

Jess gives Grind It 16/20 chops on the Chopping Board.

Food: 8/10
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 4/5

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  1. I used to live in Glenelg and would easily say that Grind It is the best cafe in Glenelg without question. Surprised that you got the overdone eggs; every time I've had breakfast there I've ordered eggs benedict and they've been perfect.

  2. Hi Drink Master, unfortunately on this occasion eggs were overcooked. However, I am very keen to go back again and perhaps might get the eggs benny on your recommendation :)


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