Imperial Peking - does Yum Cha

Imperial Peking has been known for its great Peking style food for many years.  Our previous review here showcased Imperial Peking's lunch time cuisine.  Starting from 1/1/2013, they decided that they would also expand their lunch menu to include Cantonese Yum Cha.

This was exciting news for my family and I, as our weekend lunch meet-ups would normally include Imperial Peking or Yum Cha at another restaurant.  By combining two types of cuisine into one location would mean our stomachs could be satisfied much quicker without having to wait for another week.

The following review is actually based on 3 different visits.  The reason?  We knew it was probably too good to be true to have 2 different types of cuisine in the one restaurant.  Our first visit was on opening day.  The restaurant was to full capacity, and the dishes below were what we ordered.

Prawn dumplings
Chive dumplings

Egg tarts

Steamed pork with black bean

Custard bun (?)

Scallop dumplings

Steamed tofu skin roll

BBQ pork pastry

Steamed beef with Worcestershire sauce

Deep fried taro

Mango pudding with condensed milk

Siu Mai - Pork dumplings

Deep fried tofu and prawn with black bean sauce
Well, to be honest, we didn't order half of the food above, the waiting staff were so confused with orders they just kept messing up and we just became fed up with waiting for the ones we ordered and just accepted anything that came.  Presentation wise, the food looked quite nice.  I guess it was expected on opening day.  Taste wise, it wasn't great, but tastes were acceptable, nothing overly salty or oily.  Dumpling skins were light, thin and translucent.  Dumpling fillings were plentiful and ingredients tasted fresh.

Fast forward one week.  Our second visit.  We were hoping to catch them after the peak period, hoping to get the same tasting Yum Cha, combined with a few or our favourite Peking style dishes.       

Our worst fears came to life when we noticed the dishes were smaller, saltier, poorly presented and just an overall bad tasting experience.  It felt like it was a completely different chef making the dumplings. We knew it was too good to be true, to combine 2 different cuisines under the one roof.

We came back again, for the third time, 2 weeks later and ordered mainly Peking food, but with a few samples of Yum Cha, hoping that they would have improved. But to our disappointment, the standards had dropped.  Serving sizes seemed small, tastes were salty, or bland and pastry and buns were just not to an acceptable standard.

For what its worth, Imperial Peking is still great for Peking style food, but Yum Cha can be missed, as there are plenty more out there.

Hayes gives the Yum Cha at Imperial Peking 11/20 chops on the Chopping Board.

Ambience: 3/5
Service: 2.5/5
Food: 5.5/10

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  1. My weekend place is going to be Imperial Peking,
    I Loved it

    1. I'm usually there Saturday or Sunday lunch! Maybe you'll bump into me :)


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