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The February/March period in Adelaide, to me, is the best time of the year to visit and explore this city.  The Fringe, Adelaide Festival and Splash Adelaide are in full swing.  So whilst everyone is out experiencing Adelaide art scene, why not also take the opportunity to explore Adelaide's food scene?

The great thing about such festivals is that a lot of the restaurants will typically set stalls up as part of the festivities allowing the public to taste their fares.  The Garden of Unearthly Delights, Gluttony, Barrio and Ensalada (just to name a few) are locations where one can try out some awesome food.

So in the Fringe spirit, The Chopping Board will try to release a number of Quick Chops outlining some of the new and quirky places / foods that are available to the public!  To start off, Ensalada Bar.

Ensalada Bar is a new attraction to the Fringe Festival.  Located in between the Garden of Unearthly Delights and Gluttony, this narrow garden bar provides great music, drinks and food in a fun and quirkly location.

Cool open-air roof design @ Ensalada

On a Friday night, myself and a few friends visited Ensalada ($5 entry fee).  The menu is Italian inspired but unfortunately at the time that we visited, a number of the dishes were not available (I believe that they ran out of the dishes).  So based on what was available, we ordered the Polpette (meatballs) and Pepporanata (roasted vegetables).  Each of the dishes was served with a crusty bread roll.
Pepporanata and pollpette

The polpette (meatballs) were tender and juicy with great flavours and sauce.  Match this with a crusty bread and it's a wonderful snack.  My friends also agreed.  The roasted vegetables were just as good.  Roasted capsicum, pumpkin and potatoes were all roasted well and were tender.  Again, the bread that was provided was crusty and fresh.  The only criticism that I had was the price.  For approximately $33 this was an expensive meal for the quantity that was provided.

Mirko recommends the meatballs at Ensalada!  Give the Fringe a go and experience the food!  More Quick Chops to come in the coming weeks.



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