Big Wang BBQ - Does it measure up?

Oh dear, how does one handle, tackle a review of a restaurant with a name like Big Wang?  For starters, picking the right day wouldn't be too difficult, so I chose March 14th Steak and BJ day – what better day to go to get some Big Wang into me than on S & BJ day?!

Big Wang BBQ is a relatively new restaurant on Morphett Street, just one block away from the Central Markets.   No big signage, no phone number, no menu displayed, just tacky BIG WANG BBQ stuck on the windows, so you might need a magnifying glass to find it. We only knew about this restaurant on Twitter when MasterChef food guru Matt Preston tweeted a pic of himself standing in front of the sign.

We had small, little, no expectations because there was absolutely nothing on the internet about this place, so we decided to head there early in case there were any schlong long queues.  Arriving at 5:30pm we saw that a few tables had customers and could smell charcoal spicy meats being cooked.    

We were quickly seated, and noticed menus on the table.  The menus were interestingly handwritten in English on one side and the reverse side the Chinese menu was printed.  They must have forgotten they were setting up shop in Australia? 

We waited, and waited and waited and were never approached by any of the anime lookalike waitresses.  So we finally waved to one of the waitresses and began ordering (with a lot of communication issues) random dishes off the menu. 
Within 5 minutes after ordering, the plates of skewered meats started coming to be brought out.  A little premature quick we thought, but none the less we dug in. 

One of the first dishes that came arrived was crushed cucumber and peanuts.  A very refreshing dish of small pieces of cucumber, peanuts served in a tangy, slightly spicy soy/vinegar dressing. 
The lamb on skewers was very nice.  Full of spice and tender pieces of lamb.  Each skewer is 80 cents, but that is not even a mouthful.  So you’ll need to order a few to satisfy your thirst for meat.   The beef on the other hand, was a bit hard to chew and swallow....

Chicken wings were nice tasting at the start, but the centres were cold.  So basically the wings may be boiled and cooled, and when requested would be dipped in the marinating sauces and placed over the coals, hence the premature quick arrival of many of the dishes.  In addition, we ordered the pork belly + enoki dish twice, and on both occasions the middle piece of the skewer was uncooked.  Poor form..... Our hopes for Big Wang was shrinking...

Out came prawns, meh... octopus, cold again, meh.....chicken hearts, I wasn't even sure if they were hearts, definitely didn't taste like them...fried noodles, they were ok, but nothing great.  After eating for over an hour and sampling pretty much the entire menu, I realised everything tasted the same.  They were all average, nothing outstanding. 

The highlight of the night was the fish, a $5.60 dish with 2 large pieces of fish fillet, covered with dry spices, the rest of the other dishes, just didn't ‘measure up’. 

Now, eating at a BBQ restaurant with skewers, chicken wings and the like, you’d expect pretty greasy hands.  There weren't any curtains on the walls so we asked multiple times to get more napkins, and only once were we provided with an additional napkin each, yes singular, 1 each.   

Overall, Big Wang failed to deliver a happy ending.  

Hayes gives Big Wang BBQ  11/20 wangs chops on the Chopping Board

Food: 6.5/10
Ambience: 3/5
Service: 1.5/5

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  1. Sorry, but your review was as tasteless as the food. The try-hard innuendo got old very quickly.

    1. Thank you for your feedback.

      Does that mean you agree with our review that the food was tasteless? In that case, we have achieved what we aim to provide our readers, an honest feedback.

      And yes, along the way we will occasionally make try-hard jokes, take poor quality photos and step on a few people's toes.

  2. Your review gave me a good chuckle. And despite it, I'm still going to go there. Because it is called Big Wang. Maybe that is their tactic?

    1. Hi - thanks for your feedback, and I'm happy that you had a chuckle. This review was not supposed to be serious, and it was fun writing it too.

      The restaurant isn't bad, it just needs a bit more variety, every just tasted the same. So make sure you don't order too many dishes.

  3. Great review, excellent innuendo. Well done! No love for the haters.

    1. Hi Anonymous - thanks for that. This was definitely one of the funnest posts to write so great that it achieved what we wanted :)

  4. Hi there
    I'm a regular at Big Wang's & your review doesn't sound anything like the place I go to: service is always great, friendly atmosphere, ample variety of genuine Chinese BBQ foods (-yep, I've visited China enough times to get a gauge & it's a good standard).
    If you had any problems I'm quite sure the staff would have sorted it out if you let them know (-the staff do speak English quite well despite what your review says)
    Anyway, if you want to try really good Chinese BBQ food go there... Because it specializes in BBQ food (so don't complain if they don't serve up Maccas burgers)

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Thanks for commenting. Well, the experience we had there wasn't that great, maybe things have improved since then. The 5 waitresses who were there that night all had communication problems with us unfortunately, so maybe new staff have been appointed? We tried asking for napkins over 3 times and nothing came......

      Anyway maybe it's worth a revisit to see if things have improved.


  5. Hello Hayes

    You could be spot-on as the official launch was only a few weeks ago (although they'd been open for months). Menus have been changed, there are TV screens on the walls and a few new faces serving.
    Napkins, on the other hand, were few & far between which may be due to the cultural thing of Chinese bringing those small tissue packets around everywhere with them!
    Anyway, keep up the good work & see how you go next round!


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