Indian Temptations - more than likely the best take away Indian in the state

I enjoy making the sweeping statement 'best in South Australia' or 'best in Adelaide'. It's a statement that can divide so many, as we've all got our opinions of what we like for what ever reason. So, as I make the statement again (for previous statements refer to my other posts), I believe this is the best take away Indian in Adelaide, and South Australia.

Indian Temptations is a small Indian takeaway on Main North Road, across from the Harvey Norman Big Buys, just before the Grand Junction Road intersection. You may drive past it every day, but you may not know what you are missing out on. It's open all the time, early or late, and it's always busy.

I would probably eat from here once a month, maybe three times every two months. I love the place. I've tried all the other Indian takeaways in the area, and many many out of my area. I have spoken to a lot of people, and it always comes back to Indian Temptations, always. So, I've eaten most of the menu, and have my three favourites which I am going to review here. I apologise for my photo's they aren't that well taken, nor is there fancy presentation of the food. I suggest you try the place out based upon my words today, not the pictures :-)

Lamb Seekh Kebab
My favourite entree is the Lamb Seekh Kebab. Minced lamb, skewered and baked in the tandoor with a thick tandoori style sauce, and some mint dipping sauce. It's a huge serve, easily shared with two people, and it enables you to start eating your naan bread early. I love to rip a piece of bread, pick up a little kebab, dip it in the sauce and eat it like that. Nothing fancy, just great finger food.

Naan, the Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Roganjosh and Rice
My two favourite mains are Lamb Roganjosh, and, prepare for another sweeping statement, the best Chicken Tikka Masala I've ever had. And, I've tried them worldwide. And would always come back to Indian Temptations in little old Adelaide.

The Lamb is slow cooked, and is super soft. The gravy has a deep red colour, produced by the dried chilli's, which impart a great smokiness to the dish. It doesn't have the more western tomato driven flavours that I have tasted in other versions. It packs some heat, but not too much heat to spoil the dish.

The Chicken Tikka Masala is a dish that divides many. Many I have spoken to like it to be creamy and sweet, without a lot of chilli. I love it to pack some chilli punch, and to be a more tomato based sauce. Indian Temptations fulfils my requirements, by ensuring that there is sufficient heat, with a rich sauce that isn't overly sweet. The chicken is baked in the tandoor, and you get little crunchy burnt bits throughout that give you that tandoor taste. It's another winner for me.

The naan here are also great. You can see them being cooked freshly when you arrive, and they are always soft and fluffy.  If I was to be negative about anything here, it's the amount of salt in the dishes. I usually wake up half way through the night needing a trip to the kitchen for some more water! Other than that, the people are always nice, it's always super busy, and the serves are really generous. You may be lucky enough to get a table if you try, but, for me, I like to pre-order, and drive down twenty minutes later to collect. If you do sit, it's super noisy, but in a good way. Lot's of people just enjoying good food, really casual atmosphere without any pretentious crap.

Next time you're on the hunt for great Indian, head to Indian Temptations, the best take away Indian in Adelaide. Let me know in the comments section if you agree or disagree!

Nathan gives Indian Temptations 17/20 chops on The Chopping Board.

Food - 9/10
Service - 4/5
Ambiance - 4/5

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  1. Agree hardheartedly! We drove out of our normal Eastern Suburbs comfort zone to eat here. Even if you just swoop in to takeaway, definitely worth the visit. Just make sure you order lots because if you don't then you wish you'd had. The food is that good.

  2. Hi Anonymous - glad that you like (and agree) with the review! We have tried many Indian restaurants and we always come back to this!

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  4. You must try the Samosa Chat if you havent already! We had it in Delhi, its Northern Indian street food and ive never seen it in Australia apart from at Indian Temptations :0)

    1. Hi mrsashleap, thanks for the feedback. I personally haven't tried that dish (some of the other bloggers may have) - but i will definitely have to now!

  5. I completely agree with you Indian food is very tempting and most important thing is there is so much variety in food, you just travel from one state to other of India you can feel the difference in food and taste. Love India.

  6. I am an Indian [vegetarian] . Well, after seeing all the good reviews me and my wife went to this restaurant. I would give it 1 out of 5 for the ambience. [anyway most of the people take away so its not a big deal]. Coming to food, the samosa's are decent but the pakodas and the other veg starters are average. The roti and naan are good [soft] and the pulao rice is decent. [at least they cook the rice properly unlike the other so called "authentic" Indian restaurants. The dal is not good, they have only dal makhni and no yellow dal. The rest of the curries are average to below average. Overall its a place with average food with a not so good ambience. Ive had Indian food in Sydney, this restaurant is nowhere when compared to even average Indian restaurants in Sydney.

    1. Hi Sharath - sorry to hear you didn't have the same experience as us. Do you have an Indian Restaurant in Adelaide that is a favourite of yours? Any suggestions of other we should check out? Thanks, Nathan


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