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Question - what is better than brunch on a Saturday?'s having brunch on a Saturday after burning off your whole day's calorie intake! I was lucky enough to be in this awesome circumstance after completing a tough training session down at Semaphore. This also posed as a perfect opportunity to try out a new, trendy cafe down at Largs Bay called Rockefeller Cafe & Kitchen. Jess was going to eat double today!


Blackboard menu - so many options, want to try them all!

When you walk into Rockfeller Cafe & Kitchen it is light and airy, with a very retro feel. Furniture is mismatched, table ornaments are kitschy and a huge blackboard outlines the available belly offerings. Similar to your hipster cafes but minus the hipsters. On this occasion diners included older couples, younger couples and a group of ladies who were part of a dragon boat racing team.  A nice touch to the dining atmosphere is the ring of the boom gates as trains pass on the adjacent Outer Harbor train line.

Retro interior

Interesting artwork

Considering the heat of the day we opted for cool drinks rather than coffee, well one of us had iced coffee but that doesn't really count. The remaining chose apple and blackcurrant juice. The iced coffee was reported to be overly milky and could have done with a stronger hit of coffee - Japanese Schoolgirl would be disappointed.
Left: Apple and blackcurrant juice Right: Iced coffee

After a lengthy discussion with Nathan the previous day about whether $10 was too much to pay for pancakes, I  chose them anyway. Pancakes were ordered with butter and maple syrup and what came out were two fluffy, crispy edged beauties soaked in syrup. These pancakes were very tasty, however once you got to the tenth mouthful it kind of got a bit boring, and the sweetness starts to get to you. Also, it should be mentioned that the serving size was quite large. It would've been better to have the pancakes a little smaller and a side dish of plain cream added to cut through the sweetness. Although real maple syrup is pricey, surely for $10 could afford a bit of cream?

$10 worth of pancakes

As a side to share, we ordered the hand cut chips with homemade tomato sauce. These were well seasoned but lacked crunchiness. These chips were soggy and definitely not in the delicious Burger Foundry way. Homemade tomato sauce was under-seasoned and was missing on the tang factor. However, the sauce did add some much needed freshness.

Hand cut chips with homemade tomato sauce

Boyfriend chose the zucchini, corn and feta fritters with two poached eggs. Zucchini fritter tasted fresh and healthy with clean flavours. The texture was slightly mushy, which can probably be attributed to the addition of feta. Honestly couldn't taste any corn. Although pleasant, we probably wouldn't order these fritters again. Poached eggs were hit and miss. One was done beautifully (pictured) with a nice oozy yolk, while the yolk of the other egg was was firm.

Zucchini, corn and feta fritters with two poached eggs

Mandatory poached egg yolk shot

The last item ordered was the breakfast pizza. This was a pizza base topped with your usual breakfast fare; mushies, egg, bacon, covered in lashings of melted cheese. The pizza was an interesting concept and the toppings were generous. Once again the flavour was nice but a number of issues with the dish prevented it from progressing to the "want to try again'" level. The pizza was too doughy (around a third of the pizza was base!) and quite tiring to eat. A thinner base would've sufficed.  Meanwhile, the egg on the pizza was undercooked with the whites still translucent. This has so much potential but failed. 

Breakfast pizza

Take 2!

I'm a little sad because I really wanted to like this place more with the setting being so nice and relaxing. The  food was a little bit above average but nothing made me feel compelled to return. Perhaps on a day when I'm feeling particularly kind I might return. In the meantime, I'm going to give it a miss while I can still remember runny, raw egg....

Jess gives Rockefeller Cafe & Kitchen 14/20 chops on the Chopping Board.

Food: 6/10
Service: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5

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  1. Ruh-roh, that doesn't sound flash at all! I was excited to read about this place opening but not after your review. Then again, I'm vegan so I wouldn't have to deal with the raw egg!

    Thanks for another rad review guys.

  2. No worries Twillyon, glad you enjoyed it! Would've like to be wow'd more by this place but it just didn't happen :(


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