San Churros - Hallelujah for Adelaide's own slice of chocolate heaven!

Hooray! I was absolutely ecstatic when I saw the sign up for San Churros on the corner of Rundle St and East Terrace. Friday night, just two days after opening, my boyfriend and I competed against the Fringe crowds to score a seat to indulge in some sweet chocolate-y delights.

San Churros - so happy I could cry! 

First up were drinks - well one drink and something else that poses as a drink but definitely wasn't a drink. This "not quite a" drink was the Cold Hot Choc. The Cold Hot Choc tasted like, and had the texture of, Yogo but with a deeper and  richer chocolate taste. Served with smooth and creamy white chocolate ice cream, this was extremely indulgent. Being a hot night, this was a perfect alternative to a hot chocolate although I wouldn't say that it is comparable. I would order this again and am salivating at the thought of it #foodbloggerproblems.

Cold Hot Choc - deliciously thick

After something refreshing and probably developing a tactic to avoid potential chocolate overload, boyfriend ordered the Mucho Mango Smoothie. This had a pretty generic smoothie flavour and wasn't that special. Actually, it tasted a bit artificial which was a bit of a disappointment. Would much prefer a smoothie from Mariana Market at a fraction of the price.

Having tried San Churros' namesake in both Melbourne and Sydney, then never being able to find as good churros in Adelaide, ordering them was a must. The Churros for Two was chosen with the caramel and dark chocolate dipping pots. Just as I had remembered from our previous rendezvous', the churros were golden and held a serious amount of crunch. The waiter was also kind enough to let us have three churros with cinnamon and the remaining three with sugar, although there was little to distinguish between them. Dark chocolate dipping pot was smooth and luscious, while the caramel sauce was thick and gooey. The churros at San Churros blow many places in Adelaide out of the water. In the search for a match to my first interstate encounter with San  Churros, I tried many places including The Aviary, ChurrOz and The Chocolate Taperia. Each time was the same "Eh.....doesn't comes disappointment :(". Worst was Chocolate Taperia with their expensive prices and watered down chocolate sauces. Gross. Very very happy San Churros are now in town, and if I was in the following photos you would see me smiling from ear to ear!

Churros for Two - Chocolate Dipping Pot

Crispy golden rods of goodness

Caramel dipping pot - look at how it retains its shape: thick!

Although extremely busy and service seemed to be a bit haphazard for other diners, our experience on this occasion was fairly smooth. However, there was slight confusion around seating arrangements with little staff direction on where the appropriate place to cue was.   No doubts about it, Jess will be returning to San Churros soon to experience their sweet food coma inducing delights. Side note: San Churros offer free churros for two on your birthday if you sign up for their newsletter - count me in for free churros!

Jess gives San Churros 15/20 chops on the Chopping Board.

Food: 8/10
Service: 4/5
Ambiance: 3/5

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