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A few weeks ago, one of our twitter followers asked the question of where to get good chicken wings?  After some research, Gilbert Street Hotel was identified as somewhere to consider.  So after providing this feedback to our follower Gilbert Street Hotel invited the Chopping Board crew to try out their 'suicide' wings. On Thursdays, the Gilbert St Hotel have a wings night. It just so happened that we were visiting on a Thursday at lunch time, and the kitchen was kind enough to knock some up for us.

They knew we were coming! 

Nice menu frontage
The wings came out with the touted 'suicide' sauce on the side.  The four of us have a decent tolerance to heat so definitely wanted to give these a go!  Without the hot sauce the chicken wings were soft, had a great taste some tangy tones - looks like tabasco has been used, definitely worth giving a go - and hey, for $10 you can't go wrong.

Now, the sauce!  There was heat to the sauce, but everyone commented that the heat didn't stay with you and it could have been hotter.  Note: And I will stress this, the majority of our group has a good tolerance for heat, for others, the heat would definitely be 'suicidal'.  All-in-all, great flavours!

Suicide wings - $10 per kilo (Thursday nights)
In addition to the wings, we decided that whilst we were here we would also order some lunch dishes to provide a more detailed review.  Note that this review is written from each individual reviewers perspective.

Trio of sliders - $20
Both Hayes and Mirko ordered the slider trio.  Sliders are available for $7.50 each or 3 for $20.  Both reviewers expected something a little more substantial that was worth their money.  What came out was a bit of a disappointment.  The size of each slider was quite small compared to other places that sell sliders.  Buns were dry and appeared to look like dinner rolls as opposed to the typical smaller, softer, sweeter bun which would have been more preferable.  Here are there thoughts on the sliders eaten. 

Slider One: Pork belly apple and aioli:  (Hayes and Mirko):  The pork belly was nicely roasted with a bit of crispy skin, however, the majority of the skin had soaked up the aioli making the majority soggy.  Taste wise it was well balanced - you can't go wrong with the traditional combination of pork and apple.  Our personal preference would have been a fattier pork. The aioli wasn't very strong, in fact it couldn't be tasted unless it was scooped out of the bun itself.

Slider Two:  Wagyu beef, cheese and pickles:  (Hayes and Mirko):  The standard ingredients to a standard burger and this little slider was just that.  Nothing great, but nothing bad with a good fatty patty. 

Slider Three:  Grilled barramundi, olive tapenade and lettuce:  (Hayes):  The disappointment of the three.  I love fish, and I usually love barramundi, but the combination of the olive tapenade and the unwritten ingredient ‘sweet chilli sauce’ made it a poor combination of flavours.  Cheap Sweet chilli sauce combined with a salty olive tapenade on a lovely grilled piece of barramundi is a disaster waiting to happen.  It would have been perfect without the sweet chilli sauce as was expected from reading the menu, but it was spoilt by the cheap and nasty taste of sweet chilli sauce.

(Mirko):  I am not a massive fish fan so as a result, this was also my least favourite of the three sliders.  Not made any better by the fact that a foreign object was present in the meal making it all that more unpleasant. Having said this, the waiting staff was made aware of this and they promptly responded without any fuss.  The waiting staff was great and showed a great level of service.

Chorizo hotdog - $18
Guest blogger Hazemo ordered the Chorizo hotdog.  Here are his thoughts.

After some deliberation over the menu, I went ahead and ordered the Chorizo hotdog, advertised as chorizo, roasted peppers, salsa, mustard and pecorino, all for the not-so-insignificant price of $18.  Normally I would not grab a hotdog for lunch, but hey, for $18, that hot dog is gonna be sweet as right?  It's going to leave my feet cold with my socks figuratively 'blown off' might even make me question my current life choices?

But it was clearly not meant to be, my socks were very firmly on, and life choices were clearly correct, except of course for those that lead to me purchasing this hot dog.

As a basis for comparison - a couple of months ago I gave snagstand ( a go in both Sydney and Melbourne.  For $9.90, the Spicy Spanish Chorizo snag was purchased.  It was good, quite good in fact.  Tasty is a word that I used to describe the dish and I was looking for a similar experience here.

By contrast, the Gilbert Street option is best described as unfortunate.  They tried, it certainly looked like they tried.  Points for effort, but if it can be made at home guys, you can't charge 18 bucks for it.

The Chorizo was a bit more like a Kransky or a regular sausage with a bit of flavour in it, no fat or significant spiciness.  The pecorino strangely tasted quite a lot like Coles bought Parmesan, although this could be my pecorino-ginity shining through.  On a minor positive note - the roasted peppers tasted like they roasted them themselves, so I guess if you like roasted peppers...

The one saving grace of this meal were the chips, oh sweet damn the chips were good. If the chef had somehow constructed a hot dog and chorizo combo comprised solely of their chips, I would probably be at target buying some more socks now, but yeah, they came with the aforementioned hot dog, so it's almost as though they're underwhelming by association. But seriously buy the chips.

Sirloin burger....
or steak sandwich?
Nathan loves a burger, LOVES them. And of course, like any good pub, the Gilbert St Hotel has a 'Sirloin Burger' on the menu. So, when he also saw that the burger had won the 'I love food' burger category for three years running, he couldn't say no. Upon reflection, maybe he should have.

Maybe he should have interpreted the labeling of the meal, maybe he should have realised when he was asked how he would like it cooked, as it wasn't what he expected. When thinking about burgers, one expects (expectations are based upon ones previous encounters) a minced patty, a soft burger roll, a variety of cheese, salad and a sauce. His thoughts are below.

The burger here isn't quite a burger though. It's a steak sandwich. It a solid, 300gm piece of sirloin steak, on a focaccia roll. To me, this isn't a burger, the only thing in common is the salad and sauce. I'm keen to give most places the benefit of the doubt, but I'm not sure that I can look past this. I just can't do it, even wikipedia, the one trusted source of information on the Internet defines it like this.

As far as steak sandwiches go, it was nice. The steak was tender and soft, and came out medium rare as ordered. The bread didn't hold up to all the resulting juices, but that is part of the experience. I'm not sure what else to say here, I ordered a burger, got a steak sandwich, but couldn't send it back because it's what I ordered. All that is left is those chips, as mentioned by others, they are brilliant, crunchy and soft in the middle. I'd go back for those.

Ambiance: 3/5
Service:  3.5/5
Food:  5/10 (average across all four dishes - the wings and chips saved it)

In total, The Chopping Board gives the Gilbert Street Hotel 11.5/20 chops on the chopping board.

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  1. Definitely need to check these wings out! The hotdog looks pretty amazing too.

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