Quick Chop! The Loft Oyster and Wine Bar

For those of you whom are regular readers of the blog, you would be aware that we have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.  Reading through our twitter feed a while back, I noted that @loftwine was following us.  Looking at the Twitter profile page for Loft Wine I noticed that it was located on Gouger Street however it was not familiar to me so I investigated further.  After some back and forth I realised that it had its opening night on 24 April 2013 so I decided to pay it a visit.

Walking down Gouger Street I realised that it was located near Morphett Street in a building which previously housed clubs (Black Cat White Cat and Gateway) near Mars Bar.  Now, I have previously been at said clubs so knew what this space previously looked like.  To say that I was shocked at the transformation was an understatement.  What was previously a dingy club location has been transformed into a classy, cozy, modern establishment.  The space is decent in size with different stations ranging from comfy couches to bar seating and tables.  The dim lighting also provided a cozy ambiance.

Loft Oyster and Wine Bar as the name suggests, serves oysters, wines, cocktails and a selection of other foods.  I arrived with a friend of mine and go straight for the oysters.

 Great selection of wines available, with different oyster types also

Upon viewing the menu, it can be seen that oysters can be purchased in either half-dozen or dozen quantities, with both hot and cold varieties available.  Since we were eating later that night, we go for a combination of hot and cold options (half dozen each).   

Cold:  Natural, fresh lemon (1/2 dozen - $14)
The first dish to come out are the Oysters Natural.  One of the issues that you can come across when eating oysters natural is that they can sometimes taste too much like the ocean and therefore detract from the subtle flavour of the oyster.  I can say that this was not the case.  The oysters were plump with a creamy tan colour and smelt quite fresh.

Hot:  Kilpatrick - prosciutto and worcestershire sauce (1/2 dozen - $15)
Second on the menu was the oysters kilpatrick.  Again, well presented with great flavours.  The tried and tested 'kilpatrick' combination didn't disappoint.  The combination was made a little more sophisticated with prosciutto as opposed to bacon.  The kitchen did not skimp on the kilpatrick sauce and the oyster meat was plump and juicy. 

Good listing of wines and cocktails.

I believe that Loft Oyster and Wine Bar is going to be a good addition to the Gouger Street Bar Scene.  I see it being a great spot to unwind after a long day's work, as well as after work drinks on a Friday night or pre-dinner oysters and drinks.

If you are ever around the Gouger Street area, give Loft Oyster and Wine Bar a go.

www: http://www.loftbar.com.au/
twitter: @loftwine

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  1. New Orleans Bar and Grill might have the best food of anywhere in Greensboro... not to mention an awesome atmosphere, great service, and pretty good drinks.


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