Star of Siam - Simply the best thai

Star of Siam needs no introduction.  I’ve been eating regularly at this Thai restaurant for over 20 years and amazingly their quality hasn’t changed.  I was surprised that it took me this long to do a review of one of my favourite places to eat in Adelaide.  

Greeted at the front door by the amazing and ever so bubbly Jasmine we are seated and provided with menus and asked for drinks.  If you have ever been to Star of Siam, I’m sure you’ve met Jasmine.  She is the true definition of a maĆ®tre d'.

Even at 6pm on a Monday night, half the restaurant was full.  We quickly ordered our favourite dishes so we could beat the rush of other orders. 

Less than 10 minutes our dishes start coming out, the waiting staff politely asking whether we wanted each dish served for us or whether we would serve ourselves.  We were happy for everything to be thrown in the middle of our table to serve ourselves.  It’s always nice to be asked.

First up, everyone’s favourite; Pad Thai.  Not much to say except I’ve introduced many to this dish served by Star of Siam, and 100% of responses were “best I’ve ever had”.

On this occasion, the Pandan chicken was a bit overcooked.  The edges were a bit too crispy leaving the centre to be drier than usual.  I can honestly say, this has been the first time (out of over 20 visits) I have encountered this problem.  Other than that, a beautifully marinated piece of chicken thigh, not too overly sweet.    

We normally get the Larb Chicken for our salad, but we decided to choose the Snow Pea Salad today.  Lots of snow peas and minced, in a mildly spicy sauce.  I would have preferred it to be bit more spicy, but overall, a very refreshing dish.  

The Barramundi with Green Mango, is a MUST TRY.  I’m going to make a big call, but it is my favourite dish from any restaurant in Adelaide.  It is a seasonal dish depending on the green mangoes, but if it’s on the menu, do not hesitate to order this.  The barramundi is deep fried with skin, deboned and drizzled with a tangy fish sauce with cashews and green mangoes.          

Mooyang is another one of my favourite dishes.  This dish goes particularly well with rice as the charcoal grilled pork is slightly sweet, very soft and tender. 

The last 2 dishes are the curries, a Green Chicken Curry which is spicy, compared to a sweet Red Duck Curry.  Each curry is very generous with large pieces of meat and freshly chopped vegetables.  Great with rice, and don’t worry if you can’t finish it because you’re too full or ordered too much, take-away for a great lunch the next day in the office and make everyone jealous.

Once again - I believe this is Adelaide's best Thai.  Thai Orchid down on Henley beach is also nice, but some dishes are lacking behind compared to Star of Siam.

Hayes gives Star of Siam 17/20 chops on the Chopping Board

Food: 9/10 (slight deduction this time for the overcooked Pandan chicken)
Ambience: 3.5/5
Service 4.5/5

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  1. My favourite thing at Star of Siam has to be the sea star dumplings. Absolutely delicious. Wish I could get them delivered to home. :)


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