The Fleurieu Pantry - Vegan noms in the south!

We'd decided to buy tickets to my high school's production of Joseph and the Technicolour Dream Coat which meant we had to venture waaaaay south of the city of Adelaide to Noarlunga. Being slightly disorganised, we hadn't taken the time to find anywhere vegan close-by the theatre and somehow thought it would be OK to wing it. I turned to Yelp for advice and Yelp came through with the goods.

The Fleurieu Pantry entrance, Adelaide
One light, an umbrella and a sign mark the entrance to The Fleurieu Pantry.

The poorly lit, unassuming entrance leads down an open air corridor to the restaurant. A bright sensor light greeted us before the waitstaff knew we were there. This is one of those places that you don't want to sit down straight away. There's stuff to look at, pick up and buy all over the place. Art is tastefully hung on the walls, there's a corner shelf stocked with vegan foods, powders, potions... you know the sort of stuff I mean. Not dissimilar to the wardrobe leading to Narnia, there's a doorway at the back of the restaurant leading to a shop. We were on a time limit so my exploration stopped there.

The first thing I notice is the specials list on our table. I admire the time it has taken someone to handwrite each specials list for every table - the same attention to detail is evident through our dining experience. Each menu item is clearly identified as vegan, vegetarian and gluten free which means I get to skip the interrogation of waitstaff - hooray!

The Fleurieu Pantry menu, Adelaide
Huzzah! Making ordering easier since colour printers were invented.
To kick things off, Mark ordered a Goodieson Brewery Wheat Beer (brewed in McLaren Vale, Adelaide) and I ordered a green smoothie. I think everyone has their own way of making their perfect green smoothie and while this wasn't exactly how I like it, I give 10 big hat tips to them for adding it to the menu.

We ordered the Single Falafel plate as an entree. The falafels were soft, rolled in sesame seeds and more paste-like in consistency than falafels I've had before. When wrapped in a spinach wrap with lettuce, tomato and cucumber, they were delicious! In fact, if they had been a firmer consistency, the finished wrap would've been difficult to eat. The eggplant, caramelised onion and SDTs added a delicate sweetness to each wrap without the overpowering taste you can sometimes experience from antipasto type accompaniments.
Single Felafel Plate, The Fleurieu Pantry, Adelaide
DIY Falafel Platter.
Between our entree and main, I picked up a small tin containing cards with one-liner jokes on them. We had a few giggles, another drink and before we knew it, our mains were delivered.

Vegan curry, The Fleurieu Pantry, Adelaide
Vegan Curry with tofu, chickpeas & veggies. Served on basmati rice, with pappadum
The veggies in my vegan curry were still firm, not in an undercooked way, but in a freshly cooked way. The tofu tasted like it had been added straight from the packet, if it had been browned first, it might've added a little more texture to the dish. However, the balance of coconut cream and spices worked well for me as did the addition of fresh greens, the crunch of the pappadum and just enough rice to soak up the liquid.

Mark, a man of few words, described his lasagne as "hearty and delicious. The salad has a good variety of ingredients, not too much lettuce and the toasted pumpkin seeds add crunch and flavour". Well done Mark, well done.
The Fleurieu Pantry, Adelaide, Vegetarian Lasagne
Vegetarian Lasagne. Spinach, ricotta & cherry tomato lasagne, served with a gourmet side salad
As we brought our cutlery together, we checked our watches and realised we had to go. We paid our $60(ish) bill and left feeling like we'd discovered a gem of the south.

Ambiance:  4/5 - It has an eclectic glow at night, the website shows a bright an airy feel during the day
Service: 5/5 - Friendly and sincere, the staff are happy to be at work - something rare to see these days!
Food: 8/10 - A good selection of vegan dishes, presentation lacked but flavour is definitely there.

In total, Tom gives The Fleurieu Pantry  17/20 chops on the Chopping Board.

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  1. Veg-e-terian? Real people eat meat.

    1. Hi Anonymous, thanks for your comment. In a world where spammers are rife, real people also use their names on blog comments :)

      Cheers, Tom

  2. Thanks Tom, Am going to check it out this weekend - Looking forward to trying the gourmet salad.

  3. If you go back try the raw vegan layered tarts for dessert... they're amazing!

  4. Love the pantry!
    Their desserts are to die for!

  5. Joseph and the Technicolour Dream Coat? Are you, by any chance, a Tatachilla student as well? :) It's been a pleasure to read your blog entries by the way!


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