Burek Lounge - Eastern European food?......Sure why not!

Searching for a new food adventure found our group of four at Burek Lounge on a Sunday night. Burek Lounge on Findon Rd in Woodville South specialises in grilled meats and Burek, a traditional baked pastry made from filo and filled with either spinach & ricotta, cheese or meat. Unfamiliar with Eastern European cuisine (we think the owners were Bosnian but please correct me if I am wrong), the four of us looked at the perspex menu boards behind the counter for a good 15 minutes. 

Burek, Eastern European, Chevapi, Grill, Findon, Wood Oven
All the important info

Burek, Eastern European, Chevapi, Grill, Findon, Wood Oven
Menu - Burek sold by weight
So here's what we decided on - Burek, Greek salad, Chevapi and an assortment of cakes. The burek are pre-made, displayed in a glass counter and sold by the weight. Ours came out lukewarm which was okay.  Pastry was chewy but not in an unpleasant way, while the encased meat held some moisture. Honestly tasted a bit like a cold sausage roll reheated in the microwave.

Burek, Eastern European, Chevapi, Grill, Findon, Wood Oven
Meat burek - Eastern European sausage rolll
You would think that a Greek salad would be nothing to rave about - in this case you'd be wrong! This Greek salad was divine with super creamy feta, crunchy cucumber, fresh tomatoes and an abundance of oregano. I'm not sure how a salad could ever taste moreish but this salad had it. Highly recommended.

Burek, Eastern European, Chevapi, Grill, Findon, Wood Oven, Greek Salad
The best Greek salad
The Chevapi are served with a deliciously toasted Turkish pide pocket and a heaping of sliced red onion. This is simple food at its best; Chevapi are nicely flavoured and have a degree of bite. Nothing like the mushy, break apart Chevapis you can sometimes get from the supermarket meat section. The meat is also juicy with a good level of charring. The Chevapi are also very good value at $5  per serving.

Burek, Eastern European, Chevapi, Grill, Findon, Wood Oven
Pide pocket filled with chevapi

Burek, Eastern European, Chevapi, Grill, Findon, Wood Oven
Have to add red onions! 

Desserts, like the burek, are displayed in glass counters to entice you to buy and try. And we were definitely enticed. We opted for four different types of sweets on offer. I only know the name of one of them, the famed baklava. The top layers of the baklava were flakey and crisp although having been soaked in sugar syrup. Meanwhile the base was chewy and sticky, heavily flavoured by the chopped nuts. Sugar syrup wasn't to sweet which meant you weren't too sick of it by the end. I'm going to give the remaining cakes names that are descriptive but probably not accurate - meringue pie, custard pudding and Eastern European style Loukoumades. Meringue pie was a light, fluffy meringue topping a biscuity, cheesecake base. Custard pudding was custard covered by sheets of filo topped with icing sugar. The custard was very smooth and had a subtle vanilla flavour. Lastly, the Eastern European style loukoumades were in the shape of a fat churros. This one was a little cold and a bit too sweet. Probably wouldn't get this one again but the other three are worth a try.

Burek, Eastern European, Chevapi, Grill, Findon, Wood Oven Baklava,
Assortment of Eastern European sweets
Left Eastern European style Loukoumades Right Baklava
Although a bit out of the way for some (myself included), Burek Lounge offers a cheap and tasty lunch option. Jess gives Burek Lounge 14/20 chops on the Chopping Board.  

Food: 7/10
Service: 4/5
Ambience: 3/5

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