Jack Ruby - An underground gem

Jack Ruby - 89 King William Street, Adelaide

I recently bumped into @Malchia from Twitter, and he suggested I visit a fairly new location called Jack Ruby (The old Bull and Bear location).  He said the burgers were amazing and highly recommended us to try it out.  Fast forward a few weeks and the team was there for our usual Chopping Board team meeting. We thought this would be a great place to catch up with the lovely mayoress of Yelp Adelaide @Chloe_CRM, eat some great food and write a review.

Jack Ruby Sign on King William Street, Adelaide
Signage on King William Street
Situated in a basement below 89 King William Street, Jack Ruby's fit out is somewhat of a typical American Bar (one of us likened it to Cheers).  We were welcomed with the sweet aroma of popcorn and fried food, and then greeted by a waitress who seated us in a booth.

Jack Ruby - Adelaide
Jack Ruby Bar
A complimentary cup of popcorn arrived while we scanned the menu to see what was on offer.  There is a large selection on the menu along with beverages, however a few of us came for the burgers.  

Jack Ruby - Popcorn, Adelaide
Complimentary Popcorn
Jack Ruby - Adelaide
Scorched Corn and Quinoa Salad (vegan available - $16)
Tom - If you're vego, you've got a good few options to choose from here but be warned: anything deep fried is done so in the same oil as meat - I know this because Joshua (our well informed waiter) took me on a guided tour of the menu before I made my decision. Being vegan gives me one option which happens to be one of my favourite meals. The quinoa was perfectly cooked, it maintained its shape and each grain popped as I ate it. The scorched corn wasn't as "scorched" as I thought it'd be but the additional side of corn on the cob more than made up for it. The flavours were well balanced, a combination of watercress and mint added freshness but I would've liked a wedge of lemon or lime to squeeze over an otherwise undressed salad.

Jack Ruby - Adelaide
Philly Cheese and Steak Sub ($20)
Mirko - I had the Philly cheese steak.  Jack Ruby's take on this dish is slightly different to that which I had in the States.  The bread roll used in this dish was toasted and a lot harder than the typical 'softer' style hotdog bun and reminded me of a ciabatta roll.  The steak was thinly sliced and overall the taste was nice but in my opinion nothing to rave about.  The crinkle cut chips were nicely presented, well seasoned and crunchy. 

Jack Ruby - Adelaide
Pulled Pork and Slaw Burger
Jess - After much deliberation, I decided to go for the Pulled Pork and Slaw Burger. Having had a few days to think about how this compares to burgers on offer by places such as Pearl's and Chuckwagon, I can confidently say that this tasty burger is on par. Pulled Pork was tender, sweet and flavourful and was not stringy when chewed . Slaw could have been a little more tart to cut through the sweetness of the Pulled Pork, which did get a little overwhelming towards the last few bites. Fillings were encased in a sugary soft bun that held together during the eating process. Although appearing small, the serving size of the burger was more than adequate, leaving me satisfyingly full all afternoon. Crinkle chip exterior was crunchy, while interior was fluffy and soft.

Jack Ruby - Adelaide
Tex Walker Burger
Hayes - I love spicy food, so my obvious choice was to get the Tex Walker burger with jalapenos, bacon, cheese and deep fried onion rings.  The burger was of a decent size, along with the fries, it was definitely a filling meal.  Fries were crispy and lightly salted, nothing to rave on about.  The burger, damn.... it was nice.  Writing this up is already making me miss it.  Bun was soft and sweet, patty was medium rare, with a nice red juicy centre.  Add to that the crunchy deep fried onion rings, and spiciness of the jalapenos.  The bacon was a hidden gem, not too chewy, it was barely noticeable, but each mouthful of the burger had a nice hint of smoky bacon.  Absolutely delicious!  I want another one right now.  

It's pretty clear that each member of the Chopping Board enjoyed their meals at Jack Ruby.  The setting adds a nice touch to the style of food available.  I'm sure we'll return after work one day to enjoy the vast range of beers, and to sample more of the menu.

The Chopping Board as a collective give Jack Ruby 16.5/20 chops on the Chopping Board.

Ambience: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Food: 8.5/10

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  2. Tex Walker burger duly noted :D

    1. Hi Terrence - have you had a chance to try the Tex Walker?


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