Jimmies - They earned my crust.

As Adelaide Hills dwellers, we're used to ordering takeaway wood oven pizza from Jimmies, sitting by the fire and eating it while wishing we'd ordered one large pizza each. With a royal visitor (she sounds royal because she's posh and from England) staying with us, we thought we should dine in before heading off to see the David Helbock Trio (part of Hoot Jazz Festival) in Mt Barker.

Jimmies - Crafers
Inside Jimmies (image source: www.jimmies.com.au)

To be frank, I had no intention of blogging about our experience because I know there's a limited vegan selection on the menu but after having my order taken, I simply couldn't resist. I began by ordering the dips and then my pizza (no cheese). Our waiter uttered the three little words any vegan longs for... "are you vegan?". I dazed dreamily into his eyes, my knees became weak and a small drop of drool dripped from the side of my mouth, landing on my menu causing the pages to stick together for the next guest. Finally, a waiter who not only recognises my lifestyle but also appears to know what a plant based diet is! I immediately trusted him and kept ordering. As the rest of the table ordered pizzas, cheesey olives and wine, he indicated what I could and couldn't eat.

His knowledge doesn't stop at food, he went on to recommend wines based on our order and whether each particular vintage was a good or bad year for the region. Very impressive. And just so you know, our waiter is the tall, long haired Canadian guy (now that I've said that, I hope he's Canadian and not American).

Hommos & Baba Ghannouj served with wood oven pitta - Jimmies, Crafers
Hommos & Baba Ghannouj served with wood oven pitta [sic]
Our dips arrived presented on a piece of slate. The dips were smooth and well seasoned, not too oily and easily identified (I hate having to play guessing games when it comes to dips... is it capsicum or sun-dried tomato? Who knows!). The pita is more like Turkish bread - delicious and fresh. The side of olives was unexpected and appreciated. After finishing the bread, we were going to dunk our pizza crusts in the remaining dip but our awesome waiter brought us another three slices of bread instead.
crumb fried olives w melted cheese sauce - Jimmies, Crafers
crumb fried olives w melted cheese sauce.
The crumbed olives were basically inhaled by Mark and the guest, so I guess they passed all taste tests. One thing I love about Jimmies is the presentation of dishes. It's well thought out and the food depicts the dish it is served in, not the other way around.
Pumpkin and Zaatar Pizza - Jimmies, Crafers
Pumpkin and Zaatar Pizza.
Our three pizzas arrived on round wooden chopping boards but there was still room on the table for our glasses, bottled water and wine - see what I mean about it all being so well thought out? My pizza was a little too oily for me but I know that is a personal preference and the other two pizzas were equally oily and went down a treat. This is the first pizza I've had that I didn't miss the cheese, I think I was more fascinated by the skin still being attached to the pumpkin (delicious!) and the texture and nuttiness of the zaatar.
[Close up] Pumpkin and Zaatar Pizza - Jimmies, Crafers
Delicious pumpkin skin and zaatar.
Getting down to business, these pizzas are wood oven pizzas which, in my experience, can go one of two ways. There's either charred, crunchy bits on the bottom (ain't no one got time for that) or the base is thin and crispy enough to support the weight of the topping as you lift each piece up with your hands (if you're using a knife and fork to eat pizza, you're doing it wrong). The pizza chef at Jimmies has perfected the latter of the two. These pizzas were as close to perfect as I've tasted in a long time.

Ambiance - 4/5: Super cosy, warm and not too loud.
Service - 4.5/5: I left here feeling like I'd learnt something from our waiter.
Food: 8.5/10: Overall, brilliant but a little too oily for me.

In total, Tom gives Jimmies 17/20 chops on the chopping board.

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  1. I think the waiter is named Geoff :) Used to own Bistro 25 in Hahndorf and I have heard he is over at Jimmies now!

    1. Hi Ashlea, apologies for the late reply and thanks for reading my review and letting me know who Geoff is! As you can tell, I was seriously impressed by him; he's humble, knowledgable and I can tell he's been in the industry for a while.



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