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After being introduced to Le Carpe Diem by one of our Twitter followers a few weeks ago, I decided that I would take the time to pay this beautiful French cafe a visit.  Located at the East End of Grenfell Street, Le Carpe Diem is a small and cosy two story location.

Greeted by French speaking wait staff I am promptly and kindly seated at my upstairs table where the menu is explained to me.  Essentially, there are two main items on the menu - Crepes and Galettes.  I always tend to think of crepes as being the sweet, skinnier French cousin of the pancakes with Galettes being the savoury version.

Le Carpe Diem, Adelaide, Food, Crepes, Grenfell Street
Interior of Le Carpe Diem Creperie
In addition to the crepes and galettes, there are also a number of different French pastries and cakes on offer at the counter if your sweet tooth gets the better of you.

Le Carpe Diem, Adelaide, Food, Crepes, Grenfell Street, Roeun, Galette, Salted Caramel Butter
The Crepe master at work

Given that I arrive slightly after 11:30am I think it appropriate that I order a galette as opposed to a crepe.  Perousing the menu I decide to keep it simple and order the Roeun (mushrooms, Swiss gruyere cheese and creme fraiche - $9.50) with the view that these dishes are simple and nature and therefore should be simple in flavour.  The galette's are made of buckwheat flour, are gluten free and do not have egg, sugar or milk in the dough.  As a result, it's a good alternative for those who may be gluten intolerant.  Alternatively, this same dough can be used for the crepe if required.

Le Carpe Diem, Adelaide, Food, Crepes, Grenfell Street, Roeun, Galette, Salted Caramel Butter
Roeun galette - $9.50
The flavour combinations are simple and work.  The mushrooms are well sauteed and seasoned and the creme fraiche cuts through the mushroom and cheese mixture.  The use of buckwheat also makes me 'feel' like I am eating something healthy.  All in all, a great dish.  If this is anything to by, the others will also be great.

After being pleased with the galette, I decide that I am going to have a crepe - hey it's the weekend and it's time to spoil myself!

Le Carpe Diem, Adelaide, Food, Crepes, Grenfell Street, Roeun, Galette, Salted Caramel Butter
Berenice crepe - $9.50

Second on the menu is the Berenice (caramel salted butter, vanilla icecream and walnuts - $9.50).  This dish takes me back to Montmartre where I first tasted the crepe.  The crepe is thin, and the salted caramel butter is sweet with that hint of saltiness that you would expect at the end of your palette.  The crepe batter is made slightly different from the galette and therefore was a little softer in texture (better suited to a sweet meal).  The combination of the warm crepe and cold vanilla icecream with the crunch of walnut made for different textures and worked well as a whole.

If you are in the mood for something different and are in the city, Le Carpe Diem is definitely a gem in the East End.  The meals are not overly heavy and there are many additional pastry treats if you are in the mood for something sweet.

Ambiance: 4/5 - Cute and quaint, friendly atmosphere and great for weekend catch-ups
Service: 3.5/5 - Friendly and prompt services and I enjoyed the authenticity of the French speaking staff
Food: 8/10

Overall, Mirko gives Le Carpe Diem 15.5/20 chops on the chopping board.

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