Peel St Festival

Peel St, Adelaide

It was a wet and rainy Adelaide day but it didn't keep me away from the Peel St Festival. Part of Splash Adelaide but driven by Hub Adelaide, the festival was less about food and more about entrepreneurial co-working spaces.
Peel St Festival, Adelaide - Splash Adelaide
Peel St Festival, Adelaide
When I originally rocked up at 10:20am, there wasn't a huge amount going on. Burger Theory were just setting up, Veggie Velo were scraping down the BBQ (under their swanky new canopy) and the Hub Adelaide team were rushing around make sure heaters were fired up and chairs were dry. I came back at 1pm when I knew things would be in full swing.

When I returned, I made a bee-line for Conscious Lifestyles. I'd heard about this little stall popping up at Fork on the Road and a few Farmer's markets around Adelaide and I was hanging out to try the juice! It was fairly quiet so I got chatting to Tiffany who is perhaps the most passionate business owner I've met in a while. Her mission is to educate people about whole foods, eating a balanced diet and minimising our carbon footprint. She bakes rye sourdough bread which accompanies her veggie and lentil soup. Almost every ingredient is sourced from her own garden and you can tell her food is made with love.
Tiffany, Conscious Lifestyles - Peel St Festival, Splash Adelaide
Tiffany, Conscious Lifestyles
After my juice, I went back to Veggie Velo for a lentil burger. These guys never fail to impress me. How can two people make such deliciously fresh burgers from such a small food truck? The lentil patty was dense and didn't show any signs of crumbling. The salad was crisp and fresh and the caramelised onions were the icing on the... umm... burger? I could eat a bowl of those onions on their own.
Lentil Burger, Veggie Velo - Peel St Festival, Splash Adelaide
Lentil Burger, Veggie Velo
With lentil burger plastered across my face, I ran into Frazier from Eden Sanctuary who was about to kick off his laughter meditation - I didn't have time to take the class but I can imagine it's a barrel of laughs. Before I left, I poked my head around the corner of the Hub Adelaide co-working space to see lots of busy people tapping away on laptops with 'do not disturb' faces on.

All up, it was another great example of Splash Adelaide bringing our city to life. These are the types of activations I love to see in Adelaide and I encourage you to support them by stopping by on your lunch break, after work or making it your 3pm coffee destination.

Ambiance - 2/5: It wasn't set-up for rain, which kept people away
Service -5/5: Adealide food truck owners are a passionate, friendly bunch
Food: 9/10: Green juice and a lentil burger is my idea of heaven

In total, Tom gives Peel St Festival 16/20 chops on the chopping board.

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  1. Nothing like a good veggie burger. yum. I would love to know what and how the guys at Veggie Velo made it - it looks simply fantastic and I struggle to find really good ones. Look forward to the festival next year!

    1. Hi Quinn, thanks for your comment. I struggle with vegan veggie burgers as well but I've recently been adding ground chia seeds mixed with water to bind the ingredients. It seems to be working well, I got the idea from a cake recipe: 1 Tbsp of chai seeds to 2 Tbsp of water pretty much equates to one egg.

      Let me know how you go and if you're after a recipe, tweet @Chopped_Up or @Twillyon and I'll send you a few links.



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