Yanni's Yiros - Garlic breath heaven

A random Monday night after work, I was really hungry and felt like meat, chips and garlic sauce.  The solution?  Yanni's Yiros on the Parade.

I have been going to Yanni's Yiros since my high school days, over 15 years ago.  I hadn't been there recently so was hoping they hadn't changed much because I have very good memories of this classic Yiros house.

I was hungry, and wanted to eat.... I noticed they had the AB (Abortion, Abomination, Atomic Bomb etc) advertised for $14.90 (compared to the Red and White's AB review here)..I was hungry and I thought I could eat a cow.  I ordered the large AB option, potato gems, and my wife ordered the Falafel Yiros.  

Yanni's Yiros - AB, Abortion
The main event - AB

It wasn't long before we were driving home with a beautiful smell of garlic sauce wafting inside the car.  We decided to start snacking on the potato gems to satisfy our hunger.
Yanni's Yiros - Potato Gems
Potato gems - bit too much garlic salt
SALTY! was our first impressions.  I guess we made the mistake by responding 'yes' to chicken salt.  At the time, it felt like a perfect option, hot summer night, hungry... chicken salt would be perfect.  But little did we know, adding chicken salt to deep fried potato gems would be extremely inedible.  We managed to nearly finish the entire bag of potato gems by the time we arrived back home, but I was still very hungry.

Yanni's Yiros - AB, Abortion
Abortion, Abomination, Atomic Bomb
Once home, I opened the AB and inhaled the lovely garlicky aroma.  I quickly noticed that the chips were quite white, not deep fried enough, and there were many black/char-coaled bits of lamb....  I tasted the sauce - and it tasted magnificent.  It was not a very strong garlic sauce, but tasted just right, not too thick and not too watery.  There was lots of meat, more lamb than chicken, but lots of it.  This dish can easily feed 2 people.  About half way through the dish, I got fed up chewing the burnt bits of meat, and started putting them aside.  A little bit of burnt Yiros meat is fine, but not when nearly 30% of the dish is crusty inedible meat.

Yanni's Yiros - AB, Abortion
Just some of the overcooked bits.  Too many to count...
Yanni's Yiros - Yiros, Adelaide
Falafel Yiros

My wife's Falafel Yiros was very nice.  I noticed they re-fried the Falafels, compared to many other places just re-heating in the microwave or hot plate.  The same delicious garlic sauce is generously spread inside, lots of fresh tabbouleh, lettuce tomato and too many onions.  The pita bread was nicely heated up and added just enough crunch to the edges while maintaining a soft centre and not too chewy.

Overall, Yanni's is still a great place to go for a Yiros, pity the burnt bits of meat and under-fried chips for the AB.  I'll be sure to visit other Yiros places in the city to provide a good round-up in the near future.

Hayes gives Yanni's Yiros 13/20 chops on the Chopping Board

Ambience: 3/5 - good old Yiros bar layout.
Service: 3/5 - nothing fancy, but nothing to fault.  
Food: 7/10 - it'll be higher if chips were fried more, and less chewy inedible burnt pieces of lamb.

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