Campbelltown Food Trail - Take a map, there won't be any crumbs to guide you home.

Campbelltown Food Trail, Campbelltown

We were invited by Campbelltown City Council to experience the Campbelltown Food Trail. Transport and tours of each business were arranged and paid for by Campbelltown City Council.
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When the invitation arrived in our inbox, we all quickly checked our work calendars to see if we were free to go and if not, worked out how we could make this into a work related educational experience. Fortunately for me (Tom), I work in hospitality and could easily justify my attendance.

For those not in the know (like I was), the Food Trail was started in February 2010 with the objective to promote unique, high quality local food experiences, most of which were local secrets. Today, there are 19 businesses, three accommodations, three eateries, four restaurants and a golf course. The initial small booklet guide is now over 50 pages and is filled with beautiful professional photos, maps and discounts for shoppers.

The first stop on the trail was Salta In Bocca who make almond bread. It's a small family business, started in 1996 that now distributes almond bread (and other almond products) nationally. The best thing about coming to the factory is some flavours of the almond bread can only be found here. There's a small selection they believe are too good to ship across Australia and keep them close to their heart for customers who head in to see them.

Salta In Bocca - Campbelltown Food Trail
Almost all products are gluten free.

Salta In Bocca - Campbelltown Food Trail
We were spoilt for choice with almond bread, macarons and croccantini
The next stop was by far my favourite of the food trail and one I highly recommend you visit next time you're in the area. The Kumar's actually changed their business model just so they could be included in the Food Trail; they now work with sporting clubs, community events, moonlight markets and the Tour Down Under to supply delicious North Indian cuisine.

Established in March 2012, it's no surprise the Kumar's business has grown so quickly. Mr Kumar is a passionate and dedicated businessman and family man who has convinced his wife and daughter to team up with him to run the family business. Food can be ordered online, it is prepared no longer than the day before collection and should be consumed or frozen on the same day. All dishes are free of preservatives and are gluten free.

The Kumar's - Campbelltown Food Trail.
Mr Kumar introduces us to his family and proudly tells us about his business.

The Kumar's - Campbelltown Food Trail.
A sample of the menu that can be found online at

The Kumar's - Campbelltown Food Trail.
Top: Lamb Rogan Josh, middle: Butter Chicken, bottom: Vegetable curry left: Vegetable Samosa, right: Pakora
Still raving about The Kumars, we arrived at Elbio just in time for morning tea. Another passionate South Aussie producer, Elbio, lead a tour around the factory where we saw cakes being made from scratch including over 6000 croissants made everyday.

Elbio - Campbelltown Food Trail
Just a few of the 6000 croissants made everyday.

Elbio - Campbelltown Food Trail
Busy making Chaja, a traditional Uruguayan dessert
Elbio now employs 31 staff who he seems to have an excellent rapport with and is currently working with a nutritionist to make healthy pies to be sold to schools. The thing that struck me most about Elbio's is how clean everything is; for a production that uses tonnes of flour every year, there wasn't a recognisable layer of dust on anything.

Our second to last stop on the food trail was Mercato. If you haven't been to Mercato before, I recommend you take half a day to explore what I can only describe as 'foodie paradise'. You'll find pasta sourced from Italian family businesses, dozens of wine varietals from even more Italian wineries, regular food demos including one from Andre Ursini and you can order for your office or even catering! I was amazed at the different varieties of coffee available, the number of vegan packaged products for sale and the overall design of the store - it can't be easy to make thousands of products look as good as they have and ensure they're easy to find!

Our final stop was Java Lifestyle Coffee and Tea where we witnessed a batch of coffee being roasted ready to be packaged and sold. We were served delicious teas, hot chocolate and pastries while being told about the roasting process. I now know coffee cracks at 196 degrees and cracks a second time (when it's ready) at a slightly higher temperature. The cracks are audible but the smell of freshly roasted coffee is quickly sucked out by effective exhaust fans.

Java Lifestyle Coffee and Tea - Campbelltown Food Trail
In-store coffee roaster.
Java Lifestyle Coffee and Tea - Campbelltown Food Trail
Three types of coffee roasted slightly differently to produce different flavours.
Despite being vegan and not able to try any of the food on the Campbelltown Food Trail, I found it incredibly interesting and I was swept up in the passion and dedication of each and every producer we met. Next time you have out-of-town visitors staying with you, add the Campbelltown Food Trail to the list of tourist attractions to take them to. But if you're local and have a spare day this weekend, download the brochure, venture out on the self-guided Campbelltown Food Trail and let me know your favourite stop along the way.


  1. Nice post Tom - and what a great morning it was!

  2. Campbelltown Food Trial is not just a foodie’s dream come true but also a unique showcase of culture and tradition that is lacking in other food festivals. Businesses are very keen to share all stages of preparation, storage and presentation, making the whole experience enjoyable. This is what soul food is all about!


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