Creperie Bruxelles - or more like CRAPerie Bruxelles?

Creperie Bruxelles - 70 Henley Beach Rd. Mile End, Adelaide

A group of four of us (led by Jess) decided to try out the new and quaint little Creperie Bruxelles in Henley Beach. This visit was highly anticipated having been a great fan of the Poffertjes van that magically appears at the Fringe, the Royal Show and other crowd drawing events. When we arrived the place was packed so we hopped in line and waited. And waited – which is cool, no problem with waiting 20 minutes – UNTIL a group behind us in line got seated before us! Once we got seated, three groups behind us got served before us although we were very ready to order!

Creperie Bruxelles, Adelaide, Crepe, Dessert
Cute decor

We tried to overcome the annoyances of poor customer service and proceeded with the eating. Crepes Au Poire, Crepes De Sirop and the famed Poffertjes were ordered.
Creperie Bruxelles, Menu, Adelaide, Crepe, Dessert
The menu - craned necks anyone? And notice - vegan and gluten free options!
Crepes Au Poire were crepes with caramelised pear, chai cream and slivered almonds. This came out looking delicious but taste wise was a different story. Crepes were standard in taste and texture but what was completely off was the level of sweetness of the pears – literally inedible. It was like licking sugar bathing in syrup, sugar in the form of pears. Chai cream doesn’t rate a mention, not a very strong chai flavor and tasted like cream. Plain cream.

Creperie Bruxelles, Crepes Au Poire, Adelaide, Crepe, Dessert
Crepes Au Poire
The Crepes De Sirop, crepes with Cointreau syrup, were pleasant but similarly standard in taste and texture as the Crepes Au Poire. The only benefit was the absence of the pears found in the Crepes Au Poire. The syrup was nothing to write home about. 

Creperie Bruxelles, Crepes De Sirop, Adelaide, Crepe, Dessert
Crepes De Sirop
By this stage we were keen to tuck into the Poffertjes with the hope that it could the save the outing. Served with lemon and cream the Poffertjes were light and fluffy – well some were. Others were evidently doughy and undercooked. Disappointing.

Creperie Bruxelles, Poffertjes, Adelaide, Crepe, Dessert
Creperie Bruxelles has a lot of ground to make up in terms of service and standard of the food being served. Knowing that the people behind Creperie Bruxelles are so capable of delivering delicious pillows of pancake-y goodness from a portable van gives hope that improvement can be achieved – it may be just teething issues that we encountered. However, I’m not exactly keen to head back after this visit.   Another member of our team, Mirkohas given another Crepe place - Le Carpe Diem a go, and thinks that it is definitely worth the check out the review here!

Jess gives Creperie Bruxelles 10/20 chops on the Chopping Board.

Food: 5/10
Service: 2/5
Ambience: 3/5 (a little jammy with the seats)

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  1. Oh booooo! Bad crepes can ruin anyone's day.


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