East Terrace Continental - Brunch on the east side, yo.

East Terrace Continental - 6 East Tce, Adelaide

Please excuse the late blog post. We had just finished Fitzy's Five run around Adelaide (I scored a PB of 21:05 - I'm no panther but I'm pretty proud of my time) and we were too hungry to make it home without collapsing, or so it seemed. We checked the reviews on Yelp and headed for East Terrace Continental, or ETC as it's known to the hipsters.

East Terrace Continental - East Terrace, Adelaide
Inside East Terrace Continental (image source: www.etccafe.com.au)
We soon discovered it is best to book a table here on a Sunday if you want to be guaranteed a seat. We were lucky to find a table for two, by the window and bathed in sun. The breakfast menu is extensive with a few vegetarian and vegan options (or menu items can be modified to be vegan). I ordered the Fresh-Fanned Avocado with Wood Oven Toast ($6.70) with sides of mushrooms ($3), tomato ($3) and spinach ($3.80) and a carrot, celery and apple juice ($6.50). Mark ordered Field mushrooms served with oven-dried tomatoes, basil, Italian parmesan & balsamic vinegar with wood oven toast ($12.60) and the same juice as me.

Inside the cafe is large with lots of tables fairly close together. Had it been full, I think it would've been uncomfortable but we were fairly secluded on our table - just the way I like it. There's a nice rustic/organic feel to the interior design which makes it comfortable and a pleasant change from the ultra-modern brunch spots that have swamped the city in recent months.

Our juices arrived with minimal ice in them to water them down. They were nice and thick with plenty of pulp and had the crisp taste of fresh vegetables. Soon after, our brunch arrived.

Veggie juice - East Terrace Continental - East Terrace, Adelaide
Bliss! A sun drenched table and deliciously pulpy veggie juice
My avocado was just right and spread easily on the toast. I'm glad I ordered the sides because my meal would've been boring without them. I piled on spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes with each fork full of avocado and toast. It was nice to enjoy a brunch that wasn't drenched in oil but still packed bold flavours. To me, it says a lot about the chef and his/her ability to choose good quality produce and work with it to bring out its flavour.

Fresh-fanned avocado - East Terrace Continental - East Terrace, Adelaide
Fresh-Fanned Avocado with Wood Oven Toast
Side orders - East Terrace Continental - East Terrace, Adelaide
Side orders of tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach

Mark's mushrooms made him a happy man. A man of few words, he said they were a little too oily for his liking but he still enjoyed them.

Field mushrooms - East Terrace Continental - East Terrace, Adelaide
Field mushrooms with oven-dried tomatoes, basil, Italian parmesan and balsamic vinegar
With such an extensive menu, I would love to see a few more exciting vegan dishes on there but of course I'm going to say that. I am pleased to see they use and advocate the use of free-range eggs (my belief is "free-range" is more of a marketing ploy than an ethical way of harvesting eggs but I won't get on my soapbox in this forum).  I'm also keen to try out the lunch menu and use the online booking and pre-ordering service - if you have tried it already, let me know what it was like...

Ambiance - 3/5: It's comfortable and clean but the tables are packed pretty tight.
Service - 3/5: Staff cannot be seen unless clearing tables or ordering at the counter.
Food: 8.5/10: Fresh, tasty, bold flavours and well presented.

In total, Tom gives East Terrace Continental 14.5/20 chops on The Chopping Board.

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  1. Is this all going to be vegan reviews from now on? Because if it is, i'm leaving.

    1. Hi Anonymous, thanks for your comment. The Chopping Board is made up of five bloggers who all enjoy different diets of food, wine, beer, cider, etc... We listen to what our community say on forums and our own social media platforms and act on it to provide a balance of content we hope the majority of people enjoy.

      Having said that, I take your feedback on board and we will reduce the frequency of vegan posts.


    2. personally i think that if Anonymous doesn't want to read the vegan posts they can ignore them! The vegan food posts are exceptionally helpful considering that vegan options are not super easy to find in Adelaide! Please do not reduce the frequency of these posts

  2. Keep the vegan / vegetarian posts coming- completely disagree with 'Anonymous' , there is plenty of different reviews for everyone, and even a veg review can give a good picture of a restaurant that also serves meat and animal products.


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