Ruby's Organic Cafe - Accidentally vegan, intentionally delicious.

Ruby's Organic Cafe - 29 Mt Barker Rd, Stirling

It always surprises me that Stirling (or anywhere in the Adelaide Hills for that matter) doesn't have a 100% vegan cafe or restaurant. That being said, there's plenty of highly regarded cafes and restaurants in the Adelaide Hills with accidentally vegan dishes.

It was a chilly morning, I'd run out of cereal, bread and green smoothie ingredients and I'd procrastinated about leaving the house for over three hours. I finally decided to head out and find a delicious vegan breakfast. My first stop was Ruby's (as its affectionately known).

Ruby's Organic Cafe - Stirling, Adelaide Hills
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Inside, the decor is modern, comfortable and clean. The space is small with limited room to stand at the counter, which is why I love the idea of their coffee window. Customers only wanting coffee can order it and wait for it outside - brilliant!

I ordered the mushroom bruschetta (I asked for the mushrooms to be cooked in oil, not butter) and a carrot, apple, celery and ginger juice. I have no idea how long my bruschetta took to make, I was too busy people watching and reading the Sunday Mail to notice but the smell of the mushrooms filled the cafe and I knew I was in for a treat.

Mushroom bruschetta - Ruby's Organic Cafe, Stirling
Mushroom bruschetta
The bread was thick and lightly toasted, not too crunchy and covered in a generous layer of turbo tasty chickpea and spinach mash. The mushrooms still had enough crunch to them to know they're fresh and a dash of sweet balsamic balanced out the saltiness of the dish. It was just the right size for my breakfast and definitely hit the spot.

After my second mouthful, my juice arrived. It was one of those juices that had been watered down with a healthy scoop of ice. The liquid had separated from the frothy pulp and no amount of stirring with my straw could blend it together again.

Breakky and juice set me back about $20 (inc Organic tax and Stirling tax), had I not worn myself out stirring my juice, I would've grabbed a piece of vegan nut slice to take away.

Ambiance - 3.5/5: It's small, slightly cramped but warm and welcoming
Service - 3/5: Friendly but could be more efficient
Food: 8.5/10: I'm not including my juice in this score. The bruschetta was great!

In total, Tom gives Ruby's Organic Cafe 15/20 chops on the chopping board.

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  1. I am far from ever becoming a vegan, infact animals tremble in fear when they see me, but if I saw that bruschetta on the menu I just couldn't say no. You describe it well ... enough to make me go for a drive :)

  2. Hi Tom, A vegan friend and I checked out Ruby's on the weekend. Ive been there a few times for lunch (I much prefer the lunch selection at Stirling Organic). We both had the Vegan Mushroom Bruschetta on your recommendation and it was fantastic! LOVED the spiced chickpea mash, such a nice change from the usual mushrooms and spinach combo! Also, the Peppermint tea was noteworthy according to my friend. Thanks for the review. Ash


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