The Annex Cafe - Like a family holiday

The Annex Cafe - 3 Waterloo St, Glenelg 

Hidden away from the confusion of Jetty Rd, just down Warterloo St is where you'll find the unobtrusive, humble and welcoming cafe front of The Annex Cafe. This place has been on my list of places to eat at for a while and I'm constantly reminded of it when I see well composed photos of their food in my Facebook feed.

The Annex Cafe, Glenelg
Image source: The Annex Cafe Facebook page
Once inside, it was like being taken back to my family dinners where the TV was off, no magazines were allowed at the table and we were encouraged to talk about our day. The Annex isn't dissimilar. Tables of customers interact with each other while the staff casually take orders, deliver meals and join in the conversation.

I was late to lunch and due to food being made at the beginning of the day it meant I had the option of a strawberry bagel (sounds delicious but isn't vegan) or a pumpkin and roasted almond soup. In previous reviews, I've moaned about multiple menu items not being available, The Annex Cafe is different because there is no menu, selections are made from what is already prepared - good move.

I also ordered the juice advertised on the board (beetroot, other vegetables and fruit I can't remember). To finish it all off, I added a peanut butter cheesecake. My order came to twenty-something dollars, not bad for fresh vegan food from a hipster cafe in Glenelg! 

My juice arrived in a jar. As a personal preference, I don't do jars. Jars are for storing things in with a lid, not for drinking out of. However, I understand there's plenty of people out there who dig drinking and eating out of jars. To be frank, I wish I did love it because instead of being upset about breaking a glass at home, I'd just need to pile more peanut butter on my toast in order to empty the jar so I could have a drink. Back to the juice. It was delicious, a little sweeter than I would make myself but totally fresh, not watered down with copious amounts of ice and just the right thickness.

Beetroot, something and something juice - The Annex Cafe, Glenelg
Beetroot, something and something juice that made me pee pink for a couple of days :)
My soup arrived with two slices of white, sesame bread that looked like it'd been toasted in a sandwich press. If it had, it is a genius idea, it was crispy but fluffy on the inside with the density of a darker grain bread. It still soaked up my soup and held its form enough for me to scoop up a good amount of soup with it. The soup was thick and creamy with rich flavours. The small crunchy pieces of almond gave brilliant texture - perfect for a cool winter's lunch and super filling!

Pumpkin and roasted almond soup - The Annex Cafe, Glenelg
Pumpkin and roasted almond soup.
Next up was my peanut butter cheesecake. Vegan cheesecake is normally made with avocado or coconut oil or some other ingredient that doesn't resemble cheese, they're also normally sickeningly sweet. Not this little cheesecake. I was so surprised to taste the tang of cheesecake I used to enjoy in my pre-vegan days, it wasn't super sweet, it had a subtle peanut butter taste and a crispy nut base. If I had to fault it, I'd say the peanut butter wasn't prominent enough.

Peanut butter cheesecake - The Annex Cafe, Glenelg
Peanut butter cheesecake.
I finished my lunch, licked my plate clean and went back inside to thank the staff for my meal and service. I'll definitely be back.

Ambiance - 4.5/5: The interior design is excellent and it has a homely, comforting feel about it
Service - 4.5/5: Kind, honest and hospitable. They forget to give me a tax invoice but I also forgot to ask again
Food: 8/10: It's good quality, tasty cafe food made with good quality ingredients.

In total, Tom gives The Annex Cafe 17/20 chops on the chopping board.

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  1. The Annex used to be better. They had a regular menu which they recently got rid of. I ordered the vegan BLT every time and now it no longer exists.

  2. Their coffee is pretty top notch (Tier 1 Emperor?), they even gave me a free Macc when I commented on their featured beans. Boom.

  3. Their coffee is pretty top notch (Tier 1 Emperor?), they even gave me a free Macc when I commented on their featured beans. Boom.


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