The Haus - Haus about you come with an empty stomach?

The Haus - 38a Main Street Hahndorf

A lovely weekend trip up to Hahndorf saw my family drop by The Haus for lunch. Mixed reviews from Urbanspoon and close acquaintances had our guards up but our grumbling stomachs were keen so full steam ahead.

The Haus, Hahndorf, Pork, Hock, German
mmmm meat!

We had booked about 2 hours prior to arriving and were informed that we’d be placed at a high seated table. Although not ideal, we were just grateful for getting a booking on a busy Sunday. However, we were pleasantly surprised when on arriving we were seated at a low table with bench seating in front of a man playing the piano and a crackling fire – tops for ambiance! However, it should be mentioned that there was some initial confusion on the ordering system with one staff member stating that meals were to be ordered at the counter while another indicated table service would be available. In the end it turned out to be a combination of both - only a slight inconvenience.  

The Haus, Hahndorf, Adelaide
Fancy napkins

The Haus, Hahndorf, Adelaide, Menu
Extensive menu
To whet our appetites we started with a serving of chips with aioli. OMG – chips were crispy (with massive crunch!) and golden with deliciously fluffy innards. My sister, who has tried Heston Blumethal’s triple cooked chips at the Fat Duck, said that these were comparable. Well seasoned and served with a creamy aioli, these chips were amazing. At this stage I was wondering whether it was inappropriate to order two serves of chips for my main.

The Haus, Hahndorf, Chips, Aioli, Adelaide
Drool - this chips were SO good
 Haus Fries served with smoked paprika aioli $6.90
After talking myself out of the chips = mains mentality, I decided on ordering the Trio of Wursts. This consisted of the grilled wurst (Bockwurst, Bratwurst and Cheese Kransky) on a bed of creamy mustard potato bake, served with a generous helping of sauerkraut, blanched broccolini and whole seed mustard. Each of the wursts were full bodied in flavour and cooked with expertise, retaining a good level of bite. Creamy potato bake was fluffy and comforting, while the tartness of the sauerkraut provided a much needed break from the richness of the meat and potatoes. An overly generous serve, although not unappreciated, I would've been content with maybe half of what was provided - good value but not good for the waist.

The Haus, Hahndorf, Wurst, German
Trio of Wurst - $27.90
Boyfriend ordered the monstrous braised pork hock served with the same sides as the trio of wursts. This pork hock was huge! My dad, who also ordered this and is a considerably large eater, was quick to concede defeat and opted to take most of it away for inclusion in some grilled cheese sandwiches at home later on...much much later on. The meat of the pork hock was incredibly tender and fell beautifully off the bone. The slight pickled flavour of the meat also helped with consuming such a large quantity. The only disappointment would be the lack of crispy hock crackling that is served at other Hahndorf establishments. I can't help but feel that when eating pork it's ALL about the crackling.  

The Haus, Hahndorf, Pork, Hock, German
Braised Pork Hock - $27.90
My mum and sister ordered the vegetarian fettucine and the BBQ pizza. Although I didn't get pictures of these two dishes, I did get to taste both which were as delicious as the food previously mentioned. Fettucine was al-dente and the abundance of vegetables didn't leave one wanting meat. Meanwhile, the pizza was generously topped and had a cripsy, chewy and more-ish base. Not traditional but immensely tasty.

The Haus is a popular eatery on the Hahndorf main strip and bookings are recommended. There are mixed reviews on Urbanspoon in regards to the service and this has been backed up by some of our close friends who reside in the hills region. Although we could see how this could be, we didn't have an unpleasant experience on this visit and if purely rated on the food, then the Haus is winning.

Jess gives The Haus 15/20 chops on The Chopping Board.

Food: 8/10
Service: 3/5
Ambience: 4/5 (piano man and fire!)

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