Argo on the Square - also on the ball.

Argo on the Square - Shop 4, 211 Victoria Square, Adelaide

Argo first hit my radar when I read about the delicious vegan treats served at Argo on The Parade. When I had a spare lunch break, Nathan tweeted Argo asking if the vegan treats extended to Argo on the Square. They do.

Argo on the Square, Adelaide - inside Argo
Inside feels 'hipster' but not too hipster that suits feel uncomfortable.
Before I get stuck into telling you about the food, I want you to visit Argo's website, specifically the 'Our Community' page where you'll learn about the not for profit organisations supported by Argo. Selflessly, the tips collected by Argo staff (usually because of the exceptional service and food) are all donated to the not for profit they've chosen to support that quarter. A gold star for Argo - if only more Adelaide hospitality businesses did this.

The day I visited Argo, it was cool and raining. The specials board outside advertised a salad, which didn't entice me in but once I retrieved a menu from the counter, I was in like Flynn! The first page is a list of products using Spring Gully ingredients - another gold star for supporting local businesses who need a hand. Orders are received at the counter along with payment. Being vegan, my order is never simple, it normally goes something like "can I please order this without this but can you add that instead?" and I normally look up to see a slightly bewildered face staring back at me. Not here. She responded with "are you vegan? I'm vegan too, in fact, I used to be a raw vegan". Hooray, another gold star.

Argo on the Square, Adelaide - chips with Spring Gully Pickle
Usually served with Spring Gully mayo but it's not vegan. 
The chips were hot, crispy and had just the right amount of salt. The pickle was a bang-on match, it'd been years since I'd had pickle with anything and this inspired me to add Spring Gully pickle to my shopping list. Next up, my wrap and juice.

Argo on the Square, Adelaide - vegan wrap and juice
Photobombing staff - another gold star!
I ordered the wrap (I can't remember the name of it) with beetroot, baby spinach, hummus, carrot, red cabbage and minted yoghurt (mine was sans yoghurt) and a 5th Element juice. The juice was cold, pulpy, thick and I could taste every ingredient - thankfully, the ginger didn't overpower the other ingredients. My wrap was huge and filling! To be frank, with what I ordered, you can't really go wrong but if I had to fault it, I'd say the hummus was a little funky.

Argo on the Square, Adelaide - perfectly brewed tea
Don't know how long to brew tea for? Don't worry, the timer will tell you.
No sooner had my plates been cleared and I was up to the counter again staring down the selection of vegan sweets. While Argo doesn't actively promote itself as a vegan cafe, there's a selection of four vegan slices and four different flavours of bliss balls. I opted for a nut and lime slice with a pot of peppermint tea. As someone who enjoys a hot cuppa but never really knows how long to brew my tea for, Argo have made this whole process a zillion times easier. Pots of tea are served with an egg timer (tea timer?) and staff let you know to pour your first cup once the timer is done - a fourth gold star!

After my tea and slice, I wasn't ready to leave this place. It's the sort of place I could spend hours in, ordering tea, reading the paper and answering emails. Big props to the creators of Argo.

Ambiance:  3.5/5 - A rad lunch spot for one or for groups, nice table layout and comfortable
Service:  4/5 - Understanding what a vegan diet is, photobombing my pics and efficient staff - winning!
Food: 8/10 - Fresh, loads of healthy options, extensive menu but points off for funky hummus.

In total. Tom gives Argo on the Square 15.5/20 chops on the chopping board.

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