Mino - Japanese for "Amazeballs".

Mino - 521 Military Rd, Mosman 2088

It's not often you find a neighbourhood gem that you look forward to frequenting as much as I do this place. It's on one of the busiest roads in Sydney but inside is and tranquil and minimalist; so much so, each time I visit, whatever happened to stress me out during the day is forgotten.

Mino - Mosman, Sydney - Entrance
Minimalism begins before you walk in.

As usual, the staff greeted us warmly at the door. If they'd bowed any lower, they would've either fallen over or folded in half like a piece of Ikea furniture. Before we knew it, we were seated and drooling over the menu. My choice was easy. Robyn, who made the booking, let them know I'm vegan and they assured her they would prepare me the vegetarian banquet without any animal products. And they did.

Mino - Mosman, Sydney - Japanese Craft Beers
Even the Japanese are onboard the Craft beer gravy train.
We sat on sparkling water all night (it was a school night and we're grown ups now) but had I fancied a beer, I most certainly would've jumped on a Japanese craft beer.

Mino - Mosman, Sydney - Edamame entree
1st course - Edamame
First up in my banquet was edamame beans with plum wine. The beans were perfect; just the right amount of crispness so the outer pops in your mouth and the beans have enough crunch to let you know they're fresh. There wasn't an overkill of salt disguising the flavour and the plum wine added a bit of red carpet to the whole experience.

Mino - Mosman, Sydney - Tempura stuffed mishrooms
2nd course - Stuffed mushrooms, tempura
Next up was tempura mushrooms stuffed with lotus root and semi-dried tomato. The tempura wasn't at all oily and had the crunch you expect. Inside, the mushrooms were perfectly cooked and the flavours in the stuffing made it feel like I had a pack of Miley's twerking in my mouth.

Mino - Mosman, Sydney - Avocado and lotus root sushi
3rd course - avocado and lotus root sushi
After hearing that three rolls of sushi have the equivalent fat content as a Big Mac, I was reluctant to chopstick these little rolls of avocado filled goodness up to my mouth but my reluctance didn't last long. As with every course, the waitress described what was in my sushi in great detail, making them sound more like precious gems covered in rice than avocado, lotus root and seaweed. They were delicate with subtle flavours, I could even the taste the toasted sesame seeds sprinkled on top of the rice. I may have mixed too much wasabi in my soy sauce but I'm the only one to blame for that.

Mino - Mosman, Sydney
4th course - too much to describe in one caption!
By the time my fourth course arrived, I was beginning to feel full. Needless to say, I soldiered on through tempura okra, eggplant, miso and mushroom and a seaweed salad. I ate each of these individually, perhaps I was supposed to combine the flavours - whatever the case, it was delicious, I finished it all and by the time I did, I could've been rolled out of the restaurant.

Mino - Mosman, Sydney - Tofu hot pot
5th course - tofu hot pot
My vegetable and tofu hot pot arrived with a small bowl of rice, more fluffy than a new puppy. I'm never sure what to do with the wooden ladle that comes with a hot pot and I'm never confident enough to ask. If you know, feel free to share your knowledge with me!

As with everything else, my hot pot was finished and I even licked my chopsticks!

Mino - Mosman, Sydney - Dessert
6th course - coconut ice cream, tempura banana and red bean curd
Finally, we were served coconut ice cream with tempura banana and red bean curd. zOMG, this dessert is the business. The banana was warm, soft, covered in crispy tempura and the red bean curd added a nice texture and favour. The ice cream (dairy free) wasn't too sweet and had pieces of fresh coconut mixed through it. A delicious end to one of the best Japanese meals I've ever had.

Ambiance - 4.5/5: Traditionally Japanese, clean, minimalist and cosy.
Service - 5/5: Faultless.
Food: 9.5/10: I'll go out on a limb and say it's the best vegan food I've ever eaten.

In total, Tom gives Mino 19/20 chops on The Chopping Board.

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