Quick Chop! Archie - The Pastizzi Bus

Archie the Pastizzi Bus, Adelaide CBD

Taking advantage of the sunny, spring-like weather, Mirko and I met up in Hindmarsh Square to sample the goods on offer from Archie The Pastizzi Bus (FB: Archie The Pastizzi Bus, Twitter: @ArchiesPastizzi). On approaching the bus, we could see that there were several different flavours to choose from including chilli con carne (special for the day), mushy peas and pork, Morroccan lamb, chicken and mushroom, as well as the traditional ricotta. For the unacquainted, Pastizzi is a savoury, flaky pastry originating from Malta.  
Archie the Pastizzi Bus, Pastizzi, Adelaide, foodtruck
Look at those layers! 

Archie the Pastizzi Bus, Pastizzi, Adelaide, foodtruck
Business cards as cute as the bus! 
Mirko and I chose six Pastizzi flavours, practically all of them except the mushy peas and pork. In our haste, and the fact that the fillings weren't particularly photogenic, we didn't take pictures of all the fillings. 

The ricotta filled Pastizzi was the first to be consumed. Although we expected the traditional flavour to be the most favoured, this was not the case. While the pastry was perfection, intensely layered with both crunch and chew (all the Pastizzi pastry was of this delicious standard), the ricotta filling was dry, didn't leave a very good mouth feel and tasted fairly bland.

Archie the Pastizzi Bus, Pastizzi, Adelaide, foodtruck
Chicken and Mushroom
The chicken and mushroom was a slight improvement on the ricotta due to the additional moisture of the filling - however this still tasted pretty plain and Mirko and I were left wanting a flavour punch. This came through both the chilli con carne and Morrocan lamb pastizzis. Both these mince based fillings were robust in flavour, with both being sufficiently spiced and seasoned.  The chilli con carne special, being the savoury favourite for us both. 

Archie the Pastizzi Bus, Pastizzi, Adelaide, foodtruck
Ricotta and chocolate
Similar to the ricotta Pastizzi, the chocolate and ricotta pastizzi had the same weird, grainy mouth feel. Nathan, on joining us from collecting his #Ballpit from Delectaballs, informed that ricotta generally tastes like this after having been cooked. Which begs the question - why do people cook ricotta when it goes grainy and strange? Can any readers help on this mystery??? Also, it didn't appear as though the ricotta was adding much to the Pastizzi besides being an assistant cavity filler.

Archie the Pastizzi Bus, Pastizzi, Adelaide, foodtruck
Apple and cinnamon
The favourite of the six pastizzi flavours was the apple and cinnamon. Deliciously stewed apples were soft and sweet. With no deliberate intention of being blasphemous, but think gourmet Macca's apple pie and you're pretty much spot on in terms of flavour. Delish!

Good as a cheap snack at $3 dollars a pop but doesn't really count as a satisfying lunch.  Definitely worth a go!

Mirko and Jess give Archie The Pastizzi Bus 7/10 chops on the Chopping Board.

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