Bars of Adelaide - small in size, big in character

For the sake of the blog, I took it upon myself to sacrifice a Saturday night in and visit a few bars to review some of Adelaide's more new establishments.  Readers, if you have any new and upcoming places that you know of or would like us to review, I am always more than happy to visit. On this night, my friends and I reviewed four bars located in Adelaide's CBD.  Let the bar reviewing begin!

Little Miss Miami, 74 Frome Street, Adelaide, SA 5000

Little Miss Miami is a pop-up bar located next door to its predecessor Little Miss Mexico. Friends and I arrived late Saturday afternoon (around 5pm) which meant no line up and access to one of the numerous booths available to patrons. If you have a large group (4 or more) try and snap one up.  There is also a small outdoor area (previously used by Little Miss Mexico) for those warmer days.

A word of warning, if you want to get in, try and get there early, Friday and Saturday nights (I have been on both nights) can be difficult to get in - expect long line ups. On a Friday night you will get the after work crowd and on a Saturday you will get the pretty people of Adelaide.

Behind the bar
Shot of the art installation in the little outdoors area
Drinks wise, they have a number of 'Miami/Latino' inspired cocktails. I asked the bartender what their best seller was to which he replied 'alcohol' (was he being serious or joking around)?! After further questioning, said bartender mentioned that he could 'retrofit' a spirit to my taste.  Basically, choose a spirit, a taste (sweet, fresh etc) and then he could make something to my liking.

In the end, I received a 'celery southside' - gin with celery bitters, mint and lime ($17).  The southside was fragrant and fresh in flavour and the bartender knew his stuff explaining how the cocktail was made as well as its origins - I would purchase this again.

Celery Southside - $17
Celery Southside - $17
Regarding rest of the alcohol selection, there were only two beers available (which I could see). There was a good selection of wines with Sparkling priced around $100 (per bottle) with a few that could be purchased by the glass. Whites and Reds were mid-range in price starting from $35. The drinks menu didn't list out the spirits (and the brands) available.

Food wise - there is a decent range of sharing options available all decently priced and sized. Friends of mine ordered the popcorn chicken (Jamaican jerked chicken with lime wedges and aioli) as well as the Chilli Dogs (X3 - $15). The popcorn chicken was tasty and not at all oily and the aioli was tasty and creamy. The chilli dogs had a good heat and are a recommended try if you like this type of dish.

Popcorn chicken - $10
All in all, a nice location with a decent vibe. Not the sort of place to go if you want to have a quiet drink or intimate catch up with friends. Verdict: One of the current places to go if you want to be seen.

Little Miss Miami on Urbanspoon

Clever Little Tailor, 19 Peel Street, Adelaide, SA 5000

Peel Street is becoming the next 'it location' in Adelaide, with Clever Little Tailor and the aptly named Peel St Bistro already in operation and a number of other bars opening soon.

I have been to Clever Little Tailor a few times previously and really enjoyed how warm and cosy this place feels. The staff are welcoming and friendly and the space is great for a catch up with friends if you want to chill and chat or have a few pre-drinks or after dinner drinks. On a Friday night, this place can get very busy very quick as it attracts a lot of the CBD after work crew. It's quite small so get in early to snap up one of three booths on the top floor or be prepared to stand around the bar area.

There is no outdoor area (apart from a few chairs and a table on Peel Street) so in my opinion it is not a great summer spot. Having said this, it will be interesting to see what they do with the outside area leading onto Peel Street and whether they can transform it into a nice summer spot.

Outside entrance to Clever Little Tailor
View of the bar and all its alcoholic goodness
Overall, Clever Little Tailor has good attention to detail with regards to the 'tailor' theme. Laminated fabric swatches are used as bar tab tickets and clothing tags are attached to the drinks menu.

Laminated fabric swatches act as a bar tab ticket
Love the attention to detail
Drinks wise, they have a good selection of boutique beers and numerous spirits available. Wine can be purchased by the bottle as well as by the glass. We had a beautiful local bottle of Frederick Stevenson - Montepulciano...definitely recommended. With regards to food, there is a very limited selection available however Clever Little Tailor does not appear to be aiming for the food market. There are a number of restaurants surrounding this area should people wish to have a meal.

Frederick Stevenson - $70 per bottle
Glass of white
Gotta love a good Gin!
Overall, a great location for Friday night drinks, a quite catch up or the start of a night out. Verdict: Reminds me of a Tweed Blazer - old and quirky, but definitely in style.

Clever Little Tailor on Urbanspoon

Proof, 9 Anster Street, Adelaide, SA 5000

Proof (brought to you by the same people as Melt and Press*) is located in a side alley off Waymouth Street it is virtually undetectable if you do not know what you are looking for.

Upon entering we are greeted at the door and escorted upstairs. The bar is located across two floors with the top floor having an outdoor area. The vibe is chilled with the subtle sound of music in the background. It looks like a place where you would go to start a night out, or is part of a stop onto bigger things. The downstairs area is nicely lit however the upstairs area was dark with candle lighting at the tables.  This lighting could definitely be flattering for those of us who are not blessed with supermodel looks. Target demographic looks like the yuppy that has a little bit of disposable income and don't question the cost of a drink.

Location wise (off Waymouth Street) I can definitely see this place being a stop for the after work crowd on weekdays. After visiting this place on a Friday afternoon after work their is definitely a more vibrant , casual vibe with both upstairs and downstairs areas almost full to the bream with patrons - definitely a great after work drinks location!

View of the downstairs bar from the top of the stairs
2nd floor bar

Candle lighting on the small table
Wooden Proof Menu
I asked the waitress for their most popular selling cocktail, to which she mentioned (without hesitation) was the Sour House (rum, punt e mes, lime, orange, clove and port). The taste of the Sour House was nice with a slight sourness (as the name suggests). For the price that I paid, I expected a little more volume than what I was provided.

Sour House - $20
In addition to the cocktails that were ordered, we also had a look at the food menu.  A few types of Oysters and other foods are available, but the surprise of the night...toasties! Are toasties becoming the new 'it food'?! I ordered a speck, onion and mac & cheese toastie ($12). The toastie was a decent size and overall, the speck and mac combination worked well. The additions of toasties made the overall experience a little more fun and playful.

A friend of mine also ordered a Ham and Cheese 'Yumbo' ($10) which I am told was sold at Hungry Jack's back in the day. The Yumbo was smaller than the size of a slider so was a little pricey for what was provided.

Overall, Proof has potential to be one of Adelaide's top spots. With the creators of Press* and Melt behind it, the experience is there. Verdict: Give it some time, it will 'Proof' itself.

Proof on Urbanspoon

4 Doors Plus 1, 155 Hindley Street, Adelaide, SA 5000

When I found out that 4DoorsPlus1 was located on Hindley Street, the first thing that came to mind was, "I'm not expecting a lot from this place". I have to say that my friends and I were very pleasantly surprised.  

Range of spirits available at the bar
Located at the mid-point of Hindley Street (in what I believe was the old Tequila Rea bar), we are greeted by a small vertical garden and green walls. At the end of the room there is also a white picket fence that segregates a split level. The space sort of reminds me of a backyard - is that what they were going for?  We speak to the bar-tender and co-owner who mention that they have only been in business for about 6 weeks.

His philosophy was simple - dress as you please, come as you please. If you want some fun, a drink and a good time come in. There is no pretentiousness here - and we really enjoyed that vibe. Even though it was located on Hindley Street it was a definite respite from the rest of the establishments that are present on this strip. Because of its location there is no outdoor area, however with a frontage that opens up onto Hindley Street it would be nice on a summers night.

Martini - $18
After speaking with the bartender we agreed that I should give the Martini a go. The martini was strong - very strong! Whilst it was nice, I have come to realise that martini's are not my thing. My friend had the Chin Chin (Whiskey, apple, honey and sparkling wine - $18) which I tried a little of...delicious! The general drinks menu is simple yet diverse and caters both lower and higher end spirits.

Again, feeling a little peckish, we look at the hand written menu stuck on the wall. And what do we see...toasties! Again - what is with the toasties?! The Manchego toastie is ordered. From what I remember there are three toasties available based on cheese type (soft, semi-hard and hard). Again, the toastie was can't really go wrong with a toastie.

Overall, I was very surprised to find a location like this on Hindley Street. Definite respite from the madness and shows a lot of potential. Loved the friendliness of the staff and the laid back vision that the bar has. Verdict: A definite diamond in the rough.   

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  1. Great reviews, thank you. Definitely want to check out "Proof' after work on a Friday night sometime.

  2. Hi Anonymous - no, thank you for the comments and reading our blog. Proof on a Friday was quite good...I will be going back again...soon! Cheers, Mirko

  3. Excellent ,informative reviews.Thanks.


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